Dino Pet Bioluminescent Aquarium

By BioPop

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This aquarium pairs a science lesson with a light show starring bioluminescent dinos. (That’s short for dinoflagellates.) The kid-friendly, Apatosaurus-shaped vessel houses microscopic algae that will glow at night with a little gentle shaking—to the delight of kids and grown-ups alike.

  • Materials: ABS plastic, saltwater, bioluminescent algae (dinoflagellates)
  • Includes a clear Apatosaurus-shaped micro-aquarium, living bioluminescent dinoflagellates, and Dino Food
  • Dinoflagellates respond to movement (gently swirling). Interact with Dino Sphere at night in relative darkness in order to see them glow
  • Light lasts for as long as there is consistent motion. Once movement stops, dinoflagellates’ glow will fade to conserve energy
  • Nontoxic
  • Marine algae: Grown in Carlsbad, CA; Aquarium: Made in China
  • Recommended for ages 5 & up
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 6" x 6"
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs.
  • Open box and set up immediately upon arrival in a well lit room
  • Place in room where dinoflagellates are exposed to indirect, moderate sunlight
  • Avoid bright or direct sunlight
  • Dinoflagellates should receive approximately 10-14 hours of moderate daylight and 10-14 hours of relative darkness every 24 hours, at the same time every day
  • Using the natural timing of sunrise and sunset to set day/night cycles is a good way to establish consistency
  • Dinoflagellates circadian rhythm (internal clock) controls bioluminescence and photosynthesis cycles
  • Dinoflagellates photosynthesize during the day cycle and then produce bioluminescence, or natural light, during the night cycle
  • Dinoflagellates will adjust to time zone
  • Ensure Dino Sphere stays within 63-77° Fahrenheit
  • Feed dinoflagellates about 10 to 12 ml of Dino nutrients, once a week
  • Artificial light, such as light bulbs, should not affect dinoflagellates

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Fun Learning


This is a simple and fun learning experience for the whole family. I am still waiting for the Dino to light up like in the photo, but I do get a bioluminescent response when I gently shake the critter. Really cool!More > < Less

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What are dinos doing in an aquarium?

About BioPop

Light-Up Algae

Bioluminescent dinos are the glowing stars of BioPop’s aquariums—which are equal parts educational and eye-catching. The dinos are actually microscopic marine algae called dinoflagellates (or dinos, for short) that, with gentle shaking, softly glow at night.

Biologists Dean Sauer and Andy Bass were experimenting with sustainable biolights when they were introduced to the dinos. But because the algae needs that gentle shaking to glow, it wasn’t a good choice for a light source. Instead, it sparked the idea to create these illuminating aquariums.

The California-grown algae thrive on moderate sunlight, water, and nutrients from the enriched seawater inside, which Biopop created just to feed the dinos. Whether you opt for the elegant, hand-blown glass sphere aquarium, or the dinosaur-shaped version for kids, both showcase the beauty of science.