Bug Bite Irritation Neutralizer

By Bite Helper

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Relieve bug bite discomfort in under a minute. This bug bite soother works with heat, vibration, and solid science to help you heal. When a female insect bites, she injects a bacteria-laden mixture that irritates your skin and it gets inflamed. Heat kills the bacteria, and that gets rid of the itch. The vibration helps your blood circulate, which promotes feeling better, too. For best results, try to use Bug Helper within four hours of the bite.

  • Materials: Plastic housing, electronic components, and heating element
  • Features unique thermo-pulse technology
  • Delivers heat and vibration to neutralize itch and irritation
  • Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Drug- and chemical-free
  • Great for mosquito, horsefly, bee, wasp, and ant bites
  • Requires 2 AA batteries; not included
  • Please note: Bite helper is not designed to treat the stings or bites of venomous spiders, scorpions or snakes and is ineffective against these stings and bites. If stung or bitten by a spider, scorpion, snake, or any poisonous animal, get medical help immediately
  • Warning: Heat is produced as long as the switch is depressed. This effectively raises the temperature of the device to approximately 120°F. If itchiness persists after the initial application, Bite Helper may be reapplied to the affected area for additional application(s) but wait at least 60 seconds between each application. Do not attempt an additional application until both your skin and Bite Helper have cooled off
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Dimensions: 6" x 1.5" D
  • Weight: 0.13 lb.

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Itch relief!!


Great product. Worked for me so I bought a second one as a gift. Now, there are 2 happy customers. Thanks


bite neutralizer


Awesome and it works very well. Thanks


Worked great on Noseeum's!


Bought this to take on our trip to Florida. We always get bit by the pesky noseeums and the itch lasts a long time. Used the bite helper, in conjunction with Lavender essential oil. Worked great. Initially, the bite flared up but then stopped itching for a period of time. Had to re-use a couple of times but then the bites went away completely. Usually they last a month for me as I am highly allergic. My parents were so impressed, they purchased one as well and used the same Lavender/Bite Helper combination to treat their bites.More > < Less


It works


Really seems to stop othe itch of bug bites quickly


Never Fear Playing in Ant Beds Again!


I step outside and immediately attract mosquitoes, ants and anything else that bites. I ordered this and immediately stopped getting bit. My guess is the biting antagonists knew they were wasting their time since I now was the prowd owner of a BiteHelper. I even challenged my brother-in-law to getting bit so we could try it out. Nothing.....

Well finally, last night an angry yellow jacket dive bombed me and stung with all the fierceness he could muster before I could successfully neutralize the aggressive intruder.

No fear, I limped to the counter where my shiny new BiteHelper has been sitting, longingly awaiting the opportunity to come to my rescue. I used the BiteHelper on the stings and waited about 2 minutes and used it again. The pain was gone and the stings never developed any swelling.

As much as this might seem like all the "amazing, wonderful, unbelievable" as seen on TV products, this thing is the real deal! I will be ordering two more....one for my car and one for camping.
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Bug bites happen. This stops the itch.

About Bite Helper

Itch Situation

Neutralize an itchy bug bite in 45 seconds.

This bug bite soother uses science to soothe your skin after mosquito, bee, wasp, or ant bites.

Female insects leave a toxic insect saliva and bacteria-laden mixture when they bite. But bacteria are thermolabile (they’re destroyed by heat), so Bite Helper uses heat to kill the bacteria. To improve blood flow in the affected area, which also helps your skin recover, a pulsing vibration is added in, too.

Its barely-thicker-than-a-pen design makes Bite Helper easy to take with you on mosquito-prone trips. We learned it works best when you use it in the four-hour window right after the annoying insect assault.

Pack it with you for camping, game day, or an outdoor event—it’ll stop the itch and sting in its tracks.