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  • Meet the Maker: Sigmar and Tom of Lovetuner

    In our Meet the Maker series, you hear from our Makers on their journeys as entrepreneurs and how you, The Grommet Community, have changed their businesses for the better.

    Makers Sigmar Berg and Tom Rohner created Lovetuner. It holds a  single-note flute that plays 528 Hz–a tone believed to have  positive effects on our minds and bodies. With Sigmar’s talent as a designer and Tom’s skills as a spiritual lightworker, they created this Made in the USA necklace to hold some calming influence close at hand. We recently caught up with them to hear a bit more about their entrepreneurial journeys. 

    Meet the Maker Lovetuner

    Best business advice that you ever received?
    Be stubborn in following through with your ideas.

    What inspires you? Why do you love to design, create, and make?
    I love the idea to make this world a healthier, happier, and more peaceful place. Continue Reading

  • 12 Made in the USA Pet Products

    Looking for the best products for your four-legged friends? We've discovered (and thoroughly tested) 12 Made in the USA pet products so you don't have to. From things your pet needs everyday, to special treats and fun toys, there's something  here for every dog and cat.

    Made in the USA pet products - Silidog

    Silent Pet Tag

    Having identification tags on your pet’s collar is always a good idea, but, boy, can they be noisy. These silicone pet tags are jingle-free, fade-free, and full of personality. Customize these silicone dog tags for your furry best friend.


    Made in the USA pet products - Whisker+Box

    Compression Cat Box

    If you've got a cat, you know they love snuggling up in small spaces. This Made in the USA, collapsible compression cat box is just the right size for your cat to get cozy—and it's much cuter and more functional than a cardboard box.


    Made in the USA pet products - West Paw Dog Beds

    Handcrafted Dog Beds

    These machine washable dog beds are the best bed for your dog—and the earth. They're easy to machine wash and dry and are Made in the USA of eco-friendly materials. Continue Reading

  • Talking Week of Making with The Grommet Founders

    jules joanneThe National Week of Making is an annual celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit. It highlights "the diversity of Makers big and small, young and old, urban and rural" throughout the country. It honors the DIYers, tinkerers, inventors, and innovators.

    You probably know someone who fits into one of those categories. This week — and for the rest of the year — you can join the Nation of Makers in supporting, engaging, and promoting individuals and organizations who are creating the next generation of products and opportunities for Makers of all ages.

    This week also marks the three-year anniversary of the inaugural National Maker Faire at the White House where The Grommet co-founders, Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, unveiled The Grommet Wholesale.

    On this rebroadcasted episode, Jules and Joanne discuss what prompted the start of The Grommet and the struggles and triumphs of building it, the power of an engaged community, their experience at the National Maker Faire, and the future of the Maker Movement.



    Like what you hear? Listen to the rest of the Meet the Maker Podcast series here then rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes

  • Meet the Maker Podcast: Maggi Blue of Magpie Creative

    commenter_magpieIf Maggi Blue had one piece of business advice it would be: just do the thing. The jeweler, artisan and web and graphic designer took that advice to heart when she started selling her own handcrafted items and when she created her signature jewelry piece, the hammered spinning ring. Made in her Maine studio from sterling silver, copper, and brass, the rings are timeless, versatile and a go-to for any fidgeter.

    On this episode, Maggi talks about how she got into making, how she's handled criticism, the joy of running her business, and much more.



    Like what you hear? Listen to the rest of the Meet the Maker Podcast series here then rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes.



    To learn more about Magpie Creative, watch our video here.

  • Can a Gift Make or Break Your Relationship?

    How important are gifts in life and relationships? Pretty important, we found.

    The Grommet recently conducted research with SWNS Digital and OnePoll about gift gifting.  With 10 questions we asked 2,000 people in the US how much they spent on gifts,  how they reacted when given gifts, and what are the worst gifts they've ever received. We thought The Grommet community would enjoy seeing the research results as well.
    For those of us who are shopping for Father's Day gifts, note the study found it takes six days to find the perfect gift, so...it's time to get shopping.
    Don't be regifted! The Grommet shares research about gift gifting to help you be the best gift giver around!


    If you're looking for a unique gift to give this Father's Day, we've got plenty. Browse Father's Day gifts, here.

  • Meet the Maker: Brothers Artisan Oil

    In our Meet the Maker series, you hear from our Makers on their journeys as entrepreneurs and how you, The Grommet Community, have changed their businesses for the better.

    The Shea boys from Boston are mixing up small batch body care, like all-natural beard oil, that’s Made in the USA. Brothers Artisan Oil started in the basement soon grew into a production facility, still in Boston. We recently caught back up with then to learn more about this family business and see what it looks like behind the scenes.

    MTM 1
    What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?
    We'd tell ourselves to get a real production space right away. We started the company without investors or loans, using only our own savings, and didn't want to shell out for rent. That was a big mistake. We got an order for 5000 units within two weeks of starting the company and basically converted our entire house into a production space, which was especially disruptive because we had a newborn baby. All's well that ends well, though!

    What 5 personality traits do think have helped you become successful entrepreneurs?
    Baxter is Hugh Honey, Owen is Vick Vinegar, Marie likes science. It works.

    MTM 2

    What lessons have you learned over the years that might help other entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
    We've learned to trust in ourselves and our company, and make big equipment investments before we're in over our heads. If you doubt yourself and avoid spending big bucks on the tools you need to succeed...you won't succeed.

    MTM 5

    What has surprised you most about starting a business?
    Honestly, the most surprising part of this whole adventure is how big it's gotten without any marketing. We've never paid for publicity, and yet we've been lucky enough to be featured in big publications like Vogue and Men's Health. None of us realized how much notice a company can get from just having a good product. Continue Reading

  • Shatter the Stigma of Mental Illness

    Jennifer Marshall doesn’t want talking about mental illness to be brave. She wants it to be talking.

    Jennifer is the co-founder of This is My Brave. If you want a brilliant definition of the stigma engulfing discussions around mental illness, watch her TEDx talk. The stigma, she describes, draws its power from silence, from a fear of speaking out and being seen as weak. When one in five people in a given year lives with a diagnosable mental illness, that silence impacts tens of millions.

    To destigmatize mental illness and create empathy, this nonprofit gives people the forum to share their stories through music, comedy, and writing. They’re building a dialogue and creating hope.

    This is My Brave encourages those millions to stand up and provides a stage for those impacted by mental illness to shatter the stigma. They produce live performances of song, poetry, and spoken word around the world.

    If you have the chance to see a This is My Brave show, you should do it. To see teenagers and war vets, friends and single moms openly talk about their experiences will move you, shed light on a topic often left in darkness, and introduce you to a vibrant, open community. The more people join together to experience these stories, the less power stigma has.

    You can be part of that community right now. You can help organize a show near you, you can see past performances, you can share your own story on their blog. Storytelling sparks conversations which create connections. As This is My Brave sees it, storytelling saves lives. That could be a friend’s life, a family member’s life, or your life. Continue Reading

  • Meet the Maker: Nancy Rothner of Pinch Me

    In our Meet the Maker series, you hear from our Makers on their journeys as entrepreneurs and how you, The Grommet Community, have changed their businesses for the better.

    Today, we're catching up with Nancy Rothner, the founder of Pinch Me Thereapy Dough. Nancy's experience with holistic stress reduction compelled her to create a portable mood-shifter. Carefully curated aromas and calming hues help you refocus your attention by simply massaging this pliable therapy  dough. Read on to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.

    Pinch me 1

    What else do you like to make?
    Anything healthy-especially recipes that are simple and delicious.

    Any advice or words of wisdom for Makers just starting their businesses?

    Go for it! Let your creativity flow and follow the momentum. Some days will be filled with joy, others will be filled with doubt, however each breakthrough leads to another, and another. The process will most likely be far more involved and demanding than ever imagined. My running joke is that it is stressful to be in the stress relieving dough business! I wouldn't have it any other way though and have never regretting immersing myself into something that I truly love and believe in.


    What has been the most rewarding aspect of starting a business?
    Hearing stories from customers where Pinch Me has made a positive impact on their day to day life. Doesn't get any better than that!

    What has surprised you the most about starting a business?
    A wise entrepreneur once told me to just pick any 18 hours a day I want to work, and I'm all set. I laughed when I first heard this, but have found those words to be true. It's never ending, but a joy. Continue Reading

  • 8 Gifts for the Traveling Graduate

    One of the more common post-graduate celebrations is a trip. Whether that journey is cross country, international, or upstate, here are some Grommets to prep your graduate for their getaway.

    A Shrinking Suitcase

    Recent grads are known to live in small quarters, and this collapsible multi-feature suitcase folds down flat to store. But this smart suitcase is more than a disappearing act. When it's full-size it can charge your phone, has a 360 degree rotating handle to avoid wrist discomfort, has a pull out laptop desk, and contains a laundry bag and two shoe bags. 


    8 Gifts for the Traveling Graduate

    Passport Protector

    These minimalist wallets keep cash, cards, a boarding pass, and passport in one RFID protected vegan leather wallet. Founded by UCLA alum Steven Ng, they are grad tested and approved. If you want to make a trip easier, this is a perfect place to start.


    A Mobile Bureau

    After a trip, the inside of a suitcase or backpack always looks the same: like it was hurriedly packed before an emergency getaway. With this travel organizer, luggage can be neatly organized in a portable, mesh dresser. It even hangs up so travelers can make themselves at home no matter where they are. Continue Reading

  • 5 Grad Gifts for Living Like a Grown Up

    If your graduate is setting out to live on their own, they could certainly use some help establishing their new home. These five gifts will get them started.

    5 Grad Gifts for Living Like a Grown Up

    A Knife For Life

    In the real world, there’s no dining hall and GrubHub will drain a bank account at an alarmingly speed. Your grad will need to cook for themselves. A staple of any productive kitchen is a reliable set of knives and these handcrafted, carbon steel, USA made knives have been giving cooks an edge since 1850


    Handcrafted Cutting Boards

    Just as important as a set of knives? Something to protect them and your counter. Don’t go against the grain, go with it. By that, we mean these handcrafted cutting boards and knife blocks from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks. They’re American-made for a lifetime so your grad might even pass it on to their grad someday.


    A Pan Your Grad Will Give To Their Kid

    Your grad can cook up that freshly cut food on steel cooking pans that will last their entire life. Combining the benefits of French steel and cast iron, AUS-ION pans are made from one piece of iron steel. It cooks evenly, it’s pre-seasoned, and it comes with a multi-century warranty because, hey, when they’re 50 maybe the average life expectancy will be 200. Continue Reading

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