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  • Gifts Made by Maker Dads

    With Father’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d showcase a few dedicated dads who run their own businesses—selling products they make themselves. 

    Meet the Maker Fat Toad Farm

    Maker:Steve Reid
    Business: Fat Toad Farm
    Fat Toad Farm is a family-run goat dairy in Brookfield, Vermont. It was started as a raise-your-own-food effort, but when the herd grew from 2 to 12 to 25 and started producing much more milk than one family could drink, Fat Toad Farm became a certified goat dairy and began making out of this world caramel sauces. Today the family—Steve Reid, Judith Irving, Calley Hastings, and Josey Hastings—fills various roles on the farm and in the production room. Learn More

    Meet the Maker Fish Aye Trading

    Maker: John Doherty
    Business: Fish Aye Trading
    If Dad's a fisherman, he'll appericate these prints. Centuries ago, people used painted fish rubbings to document different species. John’s prints document his Cape Cod catch, preserving details such as the patterns of fish scales. His prints also celebrate his love of the ocean and marine life. He paints the body of a saltwater fish with water-based paints, then places fabric on top and gently rubs it to make a print.  Learn More
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  • 9 Unique Gifts For Grandpa

    gifts for grandpa

    Want to thank your father or grandfather for the role he plays in your family's life?  Resist purchasing that "World's Best Grandpa" coffee mug–this year, wrap up something unique and unexpected.

    Let us help you make him feel extra special with a thoughtful Father's Day gift. We know that finding gifts for Grandpa can be challenging–but don't worry, we've done all of the hard work for you. Here are nine of our favorite gift ideas that are sure to make Grandpa smile.

    Gifts for Grandpa - Patent Prints

    Patent Prints
    Technical Drawings

    These high-quality prints are of original patent drawings for a myriad of inventions. From the everyday things we use at home, to specialized items relied on by professionals or hobbyists, these prints add a bit of history and personalization to a home or office.  With twelve patent designs to choose from, you're bound to find one Grandpa will appreciate. ($19.95) Shop Now

    Gifts for grandpa - golf markers

    Tin Cup
    Personalized Golf Ball Marker

    With this gift, Grandpa can make his golf ball uniquely his. This stainless steel stencil lets you easily add an initial to standard golf balls, making them easier to identify while adding some personality. Choose a picture or even a monogrammed initial. ($29.95) Shop Now Continue Reading

  • Impress Dad With One of These Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    If you’ve gotten your father more ties, golf balls, and #1 dad mugs than he knows what to do with, you've come to the right place. Level up your gift-giving game this year with cool Father's Day gifts your dad deserves. Here are a dozen ideas to get you started.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts - Duke Cannon Soap

    Your dad likely embodies many things: encouragement, support, accomplishment. He did help raise you to be someone reading this list of cool gifts, so something went right. Give him a gift that will allow him to actually smell like accomplishment, productivity, even victory: Duke Cannon (starting at $9). They're big-ass bricks of steel cut soap for men and champions AKA dads.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts - Walton Wood Farm

    Want to up dad’s fragrance even more? Pair Duke Cannon with Walton Wood Farm's ($36) solid colognes. The soy-based scents are subtle yet fresh with names like The Beast and Snipe Show. If for some reason you’re not already buying six, Leo DiCaprio used Walton Wood Farm products while filming The Revenant. So yes, Walton Wood Farm is Oscar-worthy.

    Mountie - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    If you’ve got a tech-savvy dad, count your lucky stars and get him Mountie ($24.95). The adjustable side mount secures a tablet or phone to a laptop screen taking multi-tasking to the next level. Now he can get work done or browse the web while streaming videos or looking up the meaning of ‘on fleek.’ What a magical time to be alive.

    For the Bartender - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    Your pops may think he's the king of the bar, but he's a measly jester if he doesn’t have Quench’s Bar10der (starting at $30) in his arsenal. Armed with 10 tools (hence the name), this Swiss army cocktail concoctor will turn dad into a mixology master. Plus, if you get him one, he’ll probably want to use it right away and make you a drink. Win-win!

    For the Beer Lover - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    There's one thing the Bar10der tool can’t do and that’s make a half and half. Lucky for you, The Perfect Black and Tan ($9.95) can. Sized to fit a pint glass like a glove, all the old man needs to do is pour. It’ll look great, taste even better, and again, he will probably want to try to make you one. Give a gift and get a gift, folks, you can’t beat that.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts - Beer Cap Trap

    With enough half and halfs, your dad will be a prime candidate for a Beer Cap Trap ($34.95). Shaped for his home state or the continental U.S., these laser-cut wooden wall maps display the caps of your favorite brews with local pride. If he’s from Rhode Island filling it will be a piece of cake. A Mainer? Start drinking now.

    Whisker Dam - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    Perhaps you’re thinking, "if I get him The Perfect Black and Tan or Bar10der, the second he sips, he’s groaning and wiping off his soaked 'stache.'" Worry not, Whisker Dam ($20) solves this exact problem. The American-made copper guard fits most glassware and works for hot or cold drinks while paying homage to mustache cups of the 1800s. If it’s good enough for Victorian era royalty, it’s good enough for your dad.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts - Beard Mat

    If your dad has facial hair, a little drink dampness pales in comparison to the mess he’s making in the bathroom when trimming it. BeardMat ($14.99) isn’t only a gift for dad, it's one for the entire family and the sink itself. Suctioning to the mirror, BeardMat protects your counter and plumbing and is made of slick polyester to easily slide trimmings into the trash.

    Juno Jumper - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    Your dad can jumpstart a car, but he probably needs another car to do it. At least he did. JunoJumper ($99) is a handheld car starter that won’t operate unless the cables are connected correctly, has a boost button that jumps completely dead batteries, and, when not jumping cars, charges a phone from 0 to 100% four times. On second thought, you might just want to get this for yourself.

    Bison Made - Cool Father’s Day Gifts

    'Horween chromexcel leather’ screams 'dad.' So does 'old world style craftsmanship' and '100% hand-finished.' Bison Made (starting at $40) minimalist wallets were seemingly made for dads. They keep cash and cards snug with style with no synthetic materials, dyes, or glue, just good ol’ American workmanship designed to last a lifetime. That’s the dad dream.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts for Fisherman

    Since the dawn of time, fathers have fished and many have left disappointed. No more. Deeper ($200) helps remove the risk of an empty haul. Drop it in the water and the tennis ball-sized device displays a diagram of depth, waterbed contour, and water temperature while showing objects like gators, abandoned cars, buried treasure if you're lucky and, most importantly, the location of fish. Fishing is now as easy as shooting fish in a . . . well, you know.

    Cool Father’s Day Gifts for Golfers

    If, after all of this, you're getting golf balls, at least make sure dad can easily identify his Titlist from the 700 others on the course. The personalized golf ball markers from Tin Cup ($29.95) separate dad's ball from the group while saving him money on future golf balls. Recognizing a unique design like a shamrock or martini glass eases the anger of taking a shot from the deep rough.

    Looking for even more Cool Father’s Day Gifts? Browse more unique gifts for him and our entire Father's Day gift guide

  • 10 Must-Have Items to Declutter Your Life

    Most of us could use a little order in our lives. Everything from our kitchen counters to office desks can quickly turn from neatly arranged to tornado aftermath before you know it. To avoid such disaster, here are two handfuls of products designed to provide some much needed structure.

    For life organization, let’s start with your person. If you're a guy you’re probably stowing keys in your front pocket and I bet they’re bulky and uncomfortable. For the ladies, maybe they're at the bottom of the endless abyss you call a purse. In either case, instead of a jumbled, stabbing mess of pointy metal jingling as you walk, put your keys in their place with KeySmart (from $19.95). Holding 6-10 keys systematically, it’s slim, sleek, and yes, smart.


    There are millions of disorganized closets nationwide and if you listen carefully, they’re begging for Xangar ($19.95). Xangar hanger spacers separate your clothes to shorten time spent looking for the perfect shirt, prevent wrinkling and as a result, cut down dry cleaning costs.


    Ladies, if you’ve got boots or handbags flopped over, losing shape and taking up unnecessary space, stand them up with INNIES (from $19.95). These quilted boot and handbag stuffers are made in the USA and prolong the lives of your fashion staples.


    Phones, laptops, and tablets turn desks, tables, and counters into a wire jungle requiring a machete to hack through the mess to see which charger belongs where. Now, you can tidy up the cord chaos with Cord Buddy (from $16.95). These weighted, magnetized organizers keep your cords securely out of the way and in one place and double as a paper weight.


    Controlling your cords and devices at home or in the office is a great start, but taking them on the road is another story. When traveling, manage your electronics and the stress that comes with such a task, with Cocoon GRID-IT! (from $14.95). Don't be the person scraping the bottom of your bag or suitcase for your USB cord as you're about to board a flight, secure everything from in the rubberized woven web.


    No one likes cleaning out cabinets, freezers, or refrigerators. It just devolves into you repeatedly exclaiming “Why do I still have this?!” Never ask that question with Frego ($17.95). The shatter-resistant glass and silicone coated food containers take your food from table to fridge to freezer to oven in any order. No more separate containers, Frego does it all.


    Wall art is nice, but not practical. Urbio (from $21.95) is the exception to the rule. These magnetic wall organizers keep papers, magazines, and household accessories handy, but they were originally designed to let you grow herbs and plants in your home. Thanks to Urbio, you can arrange your odds and ends into a work of art.

    Children are our future and an endless reminder that life is precious. They're also mess-making machines so if you or someone you know has children, get a Lay-n-Go (from $24.95). A child’s toy collection grows exponentially every year as does the time it takes to clean them up. Lay-n-Go created an activity mat (and a travel cosmetic bag for growing makeup collections) for all those toys that, at the end of the day, makes clean up a cinch, literally. You pull a drawstring then cinch it with the cord lock. End of cleanup.


    Apartment dwellers know this more than most: storage space is sacred. Especially when you have a bike. Clug ($24.95) designed a minimalistic way to keep your velocipede in place and out of the way. Install it with two screws and the world’s smallest bike rack will hold everything from skinny street bikes to fixie tires. Don’t live in an apartment? Don’t worry; Clug is perfect for a garage or shed, too.


    The idea of a robot hanging on your wall as a shelf is crazy. And by ‘crazy’ we mean ‘the perfect way to add personality and storage to your home décor.’ Handcrafted in the U.S. from sustainable pine, DIYShelf (from $119.95) Shelfbots can be assembled for you or you can, aptly, DIY. Either way, these bots are a whimsical way to whip your home into shape.

    Want to see more? Click here to browse all of our organizational discoveries. 

  • 11 Items You'll Wonder How You Lived Without

    Some products are so game-changing you shudder to think of a world in which they didn't exist. Below are 11 of those products and worry not, they're very real.

    Certain shoes hold a blistering vendetta against your heels. Now you can fight back against the podiatric pain with FootGloss ($21.95). This all-natural, American-made foot balm creates a barrier to prevent skin chafing and help avoid blisters. From high heels and flip flops to hiking boots and sneakers, if the shoe fits, wear it without pain.

    Good Gifts for Grandpa

    Everyone gets a back itch in an impossible to reach spot. It prompts a dance. You arch your spine; throw your arm behind you or search for a nearby doorframe to end the torture. No more. The Cactus Scratcher ($12.95) is a personal back scratcher that puts every itch within reach. The two straps make it easy to navigate and two sets of spikes let you control how aggressive you want the scratch to be.

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  • Meet the Maker: Andrew Sanderson of Modern Fuel

    In our Meet the Maker series, you hear from our Makers on their journeys as entrepreneurs and how you, The Grommet Community, have changed their businesses for the better. Today, we're catching up with Andrew Sanderson, the Maker behind Modern Fuel. Modern Fuel’s metal mechanical pencil was designed by Andrew to be your “pencil for life" and it's made right here in the USA.

    Modern Fuel

    What advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago?
    Just pick one! I have a book full of ideas and I would add to it weekly and constantly start new projects. Organization was an issue and keeping focused was even harder. It wasn’t until I boxed everything up (to the delight of my wife) and picked one to commit all my time to that the magic started to happen.

    How do you push through roadblocks in creativity or business?
    Fresh air, I really find going for a walk or even just eating my lunch outside helps me make more progress. Business wise, I find talking with other designers and business owners is the best way to learn how to be more efficient, spend my time wisely and find new tools. I spend a lot of time reaching out to like minded makers in town.

    What has surprised you most about starting a business?
    That the possibilities are endless. No matter what you are making you have no idea of the scale and opportunities it will bring along until you are in the thick of it. If someone had told me I would start a successful growing business that is expanding into other products and gaining more and more attention from designing a mechanical pencil that I wanted I would have probably run off scared and not known where to start.

    Maker Quote

    What three personality traits do think have helped you become a successful entrepreneur?
    1. Always thinking I can fix things, this comes from my mechanical mind.
    2. Being able to take advice and feedback (and doing something with it).
    3. Always being willing to share my knowledge–people have done it for me and I try to do it for others. It always come back in spades. Continue Reading

  • Meet the Maker Podcast: Shelby Gogulski of Yourself Expression



    Shelby Gogulski had the idea for a necklace that would hold meaning for those wearing it and turned it into a business, Yourself Expression–as a 14 year old. Now 16, she's balancing school, business, and being a kid with her launch on The Grommet and appearances on The View and, as of May 6th, Shark Tank. Hear how Shelby brought her business to life with the help of her mom, partnered with The Grommet to a heartwarming reception, and what she has her eye on for the future.

    Yourself Expression


    To learn more about Yourself Expression, watch our video here

    Don't forget to watch Shelby on Shark Tank Friday May 6th at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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  • 9 Easy Ways To Be More Green

    Going "green" doesn't have to be overwhelming–a few small changes can add up to make a big impact. Here at The Grommet, we work with Makers who are mindful about the environment, and who are crafting eco-friendly products from natural materials, using sustainable production methods, and focusing on reducing their carbon footprint. They've  done all the hard work for you. So, if you're interested in making simple changes in the name of Mother Nature, read on.

    eco friendly products - Vejibag

    eco friendly products - Juice in the Box

    Add Some Green to Mealtime: Prep, Enjoy, and Store 

    The kitchen is a great place to make a few green upgrades. Ditch the plastic bags and try Vejibag, an ingenious produce keeper that’s made of American-grown organic cotton and hand-sewn in Maine. It gives produce the humidity it needs, keeping it fresh and crisp far longer than plastic. And while you're thinking of ways to use less plastic, get the kids involved by swapping their drink pouches for Juice in the Box. This reusable juice and drink box is made from Tritan plastic; BPA and Phthalate free. Its no leak container holds eight ounces and can be filled with your own beverages (which are often much healthier).

    Earth-In Canteen - eco friendly products

    Coverflex - eco friendly products

    If you're looking to ditch the disposable water bottle habit yourself, Earth-In Canteen is an elegant alternative. This beautiful clay vessel is Made in the USA, keeps water cool, and eliminates any metallic taste. You can even use it to store olive oil, vinaigrettes, wine, and more. And while you're at it, kicking the plastic habit for storing food just got a lot more convenient, thanks to these reusable food covers from Coverflex. They’re made from 100% food-grade silicone and designed to stretch, so you can fit them over all types of dishes, bowls, and pans. (Bonus, your cabinets will be a lot less cluttered once you remove all of those plastic storage containers.) Continue Reading

  • Meet the Maker Podcast: Doug Danforth of LINKS-IT

    Meet the Maker Podcast Links-It
    Doug Danforth and his daughter Diane Danforth of LINKS-IT are on a mission to take a major hassle out of pet owners' lives. No one looks forward to changing out pet tags, not even the pets. The tags are so difficult to remove some owners end up with bloody fingers and all of them deal with seemingly endless frustration. But changing them is essential. Now it can be painless, too, with the LINKS-IT pet tag connector. Hear how Doug got the idea, brought it to life, and partnered with The Grommet to share it with their pet-friendly community.

    Doug Danforth and Atticus


    To learn more about LINKS-IT, watch our video here.

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  • 10 Kick-Ass Maker Moms to Support This Mother's Day

    With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought we’d showcase a few overachieving moms who run their own businesses—selling products they make themselves. 


    Maker: Jamey Allsop
    Allsop Home & Garden is known for its elegant, festive solar-powered lights—perfect indoors or out. Father-daughter duo Jim and Jamey Allsop started the company to innovate a better wheelbarrow, but their lights are what really caught our eye. Learn More


    Maker: Lauren Wimmer
    Since launching her jewelry line in 2003, New York designer Lauren Wimmer has made a name for herself in museums and specialty stores around the world, including The Art Institute of Chicago, Bergdorf Goodman, The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and of course, right here on The Grommet, first with a collection of hand-dyed, silk-wrapped statement pieces, and now with an artful new take on a timeless favorite—the ID pendant. Learn More


    Makers: Kris and Whitney Foley
    Created in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado by mother and daughter Kris and Whitney Foley, Static Schmatic is an all-natural anti-static spray especially formulated to eliminate static from your hair, clingy fabrics, and even that fluffy pile of clean, freshly laundered clothes—all without leaving any scent or residue. Learn More Continue Reading

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