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  • 8 Screen-free Gifts for Kids They've Never Seen

    Children are not easy to find gifts for. If your gift doesn’t wow a kid, they will let you know it. Luckily, we have 8 screen-free gifts that avoid any holiday disappointment and will knock kids’ heelies off. That is, if they are still wearing heelies.

    christmas gifts for kids: TrueBalance

    True Balance - Coordination Game

    No gift brings the same amount of excitement and frustration as TrueBalance. All you have to do is balance all of the discs. Which is much harder than it looks.

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  • A Salute to Our Veterans

    One of our values at The Grommet is to promote ‘underrepresented entrepreneurs.’ They’re Makers facing extra difficulties on top of the already immense challenges of bringing a business to life. One of the groups under this underrepresented umbrella: veterans.

    made by veterans

    Fundera, a small business loan service, notes one in seven veterans currently seek to be self-employed or own a small business. 2.45 million veterans already do and they’re contributing $1.2 trillion in sales to the country’s economy.

    According to Fundera, “the small business world would be a shadow of itself without the contributions of military veterans.”

    And yet, funding access remains elusive. Luckily, there are organizations we've partnered with that are supporting Veterans as well as Veterans who have cleared the funding hurdle to start their own business.

    Bunker Labs - Incubator for Veteran Entrepreneurs 

    While serving in the U.S. Navy, Todd Connor learned when you see something that needs to be done and you can do something about it, you don’t think twice. 25% of military veterans want to start a business when they come off of active dutyBunker Labs serves as a business incubator. With educational programs, networking events, and online tools designed to help leverage the skills veterans acquired while serving, it supplies the crucial elements every aspiring entrepreneur needs.

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  • 10 Unique Gifts for Her She's Never Seen

    You need a gift for her. And not just any gift will do. You need something thoughtful, something useful, something amazing. And we searched our collection to find something she hasn’t seen before.

    christmas gift ideas for her: Avocado sock wool avocado ripener

    Avocado Sock -Wool Avocado Ripener

    Does she love avocados? Of course, she does. Who doesn't? The Avocado Sock speeds up the tricky ripening process and... it’s adorable.

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  • 9 Amazing Gifts for Him He's Never Seen

    You’re looking for a gift for him. Maybe he is a craftsman, a techie, a sports fan, or maybe just a guy who thinks he has everything. We’re calling that bluff. We’ve scoured our entire catalog to find 9 amazing gifts he’s never seen.

    christmas gifts for men: Rogue Industries front pocket wallet

    1. Rogue Industries - Front Pocket Wallet

    He may think every wallet is the same, but the front pocket wallet from Rogue Industries is designed for his front pocket. It helps avoid back problems and reduces the chances of a theft. It’s a gift he’ll be thankful for every day.

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     christmas gifts for men: Jumpsmart 3-in-1 portable jump starter

    2. JumpSmart - 3-in-1 Portable Jump Starter

    There are few sounds as stressful as that of a dead car battery. He doesn’t need to stress, he just needs the portable jump starter from JumpSmart. It can be recharged 1,000 times and can charge his phone once everything is working just fine.

    Shop Now - $119.95

    christmas gifts for men: Innovation Factory The Trucker's Friend

    3. Innovation Factory - The Trucker’s Friend 

    his new roadside companion is a Trucker’s Friend. This multi-tool combines the functions of an ax, claw hammer, crowbar, and about a dozen more. It’s a great addition to a camper or fisherman’s arsenal or just to have for peace of mind on the road.

    Shop Now - $54.95

    christmas gifts for men: Helix spinning whiskey glass

    4. Helix - Spinning Whiskey Glass

    For the whiskey aficionado, there’s Helix. The spinning whiskey and spirits glass looks great and it helps aerate whiskey to open up flavors and aromas that might otherwise go unnoticed. Oh, and it's just fun to play with. We’ll drink to that.

    Shop Now - $21.95

    christmas gifts for men: eTape16 digital tape measure

    5. eTape16 - Digital Tape Measure

    If you know a guy who’s always looking for a DIY project, put eTape16 in his toolbox. This digital tape measure displays precise measurements, converts them, calculates midpoints, and saves them all. Who couldn’t love the gift of less math?

    Shop Now - $29.95

    christmas gifts for men: Trtl neck support travel pillow

    6. Trtl - Neck Support Travel Pillow

    The globetrotter in your life may think he has seen every travel pillow out there, but he hasn’t seen Trtl. It’s constructed to provide a comfortable, ergonomic sleeping position even if you’re in the middle seat. No more resting on the window, your arm, or the stranger next to you.

    Shop Now - $29.95

    christmas gifts for men: Chippo Golf

    7. Chippo Golf - Outdoor Golf Game

    Chippo Golf lets avid golfers practice chipping in the backyard. It’s part golf and part corn hole, and your golfer’s new favorite new game.

    Shop Now - $189.95

    christmas gifts for men: GrowlerWerks pressurized growler keg

    8. GrowlerWerks - Pressurized Growler Keg

    For the craft beer lover on your list, help him bring the brewery home. GrowlerWerks is no ordinary Growler. An integrated CO2 system keeps beer carbonated for up to two weeks and it even has a tap to act as a mini pressurized keg. It’s made by beer fans for beer fans.

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    christmas gifts for men: StadiumViews 3D Stadium Wall Art

    9. StadiumViews - 3D Stadium Wall Art

    For the sports fan, the 3D wall art from StadiumViews captures every detail of their favorite college or pro stadium. Each replica is made in the USA and comes ready to hang. So he can celebrate his beloved home turf on his home turf.

    Shop Now - $249.99


    Guys can be difficult to wow with a gift. But not only will he love one of these gifts, but he’ll show it, too.

  • Watch The Grommet Mentor Makers on Public TV Series Make48

    One of the things our community doesn’t usually get a chance to see is how members of The Grommet team guide, instruct, and mentor the Makers we work with as they bring their products to market. In 2017, our Co-founder & Chief Discovery Officer Joanne Domeniconi and our Director of Discovery Ryan DeChance were invited to be a part of a new public television series, Make48, — which gives a sneak peek into how we work with inventors and entrepreneurs.


    Produced by KTWU in Kansas and distributed by American Public Television, Make48 immerses its audience in the product invention process from ideation to product creation. Taking place over 48 hours, 12 teams of aspiring entrepreneurs and product inventors compete against each other, by brainstorming, building a prototype, and pitching it to a team of expert industry judges.

    Each season has a new theme (season two is all about products used for outdoor entertainment) and at the end of the competition, the top three teams are supported by national marketing and design firms, hoping to fine-tune the product and help make it a success.

    While the teams were hard at work, Joanne and Ryan provided expert insights and suggestions on how to improve the design and gave advice on how to create a product that really could become a problem solver, just like the ones we look for here at The Grommet.

    At The Grommet, we consider 300 products every week, but only 3% of these become a “Grommet.” We have been consistently raising the bar over time for what it takes to be included, and thanks to years of experience in evaluating ideas and prototypes, our Discovery Team members were able to provide valuable insight during the Maker48 competition.

    Season two started airing this month and continues now on local PBS stations (check your local listings!), or you can also stream episodes online — and see who wins!

  • 8 Holiday Hosting Helpers

    The holiday season is just around the corner. Whether you're hosting a party of five or 25, planning a holiday gathering can be stressful. These products dial down the stress so you can focus on the fun of getting together.

    Kitchen Gadgets: The Grate Plate

    1. Grate Plate - Handmade Ceramic Grating Plate

    So much of hosting is about preparation. And if that means grating garlic, cheese, ginger or cinnamon, there is no greater way to speed things up than this beautiful, handcrafted Grate Plate.

    Shop Now - $25

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  • 10 Products to Help You Travel Like a Pro

    It’s about time to start prepping for holiday travel. You’re checking dates, booking flights, and wondering if you can get out of work early to miss traffic. Oh, the traffic. You’ve got enough on your plate already so let us help with some last minute travel essentials to make your holiday trip a breeze.

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  • A Decade of Discovery: The Grommet Turns 10

    It started, as innovation often does, with frustration. Sitting in the boardrooms of Stride Rite and Keds, Jules and Joanne grew discontent as new, unique products were swept aside in favor of iterations of last year's best sellers. They grew tired of watching small businesses play on an uneven playing field.

    They decided to change it.

    In the time since The Grommet — or rather Daily Grommet — launched in 2008, the landscape of product creation has aptly reinvented itself. Kickstarter became common vernacular, 3D printing is now accessible at libraries around the country. It's never been easier to bring a product to life.

    Years ago we set a goal. By 2020, 10% of all products flowing through the U.S. would originate from small-scale businesses. Consumer purchases represent 65% of the American economy. What we buy is a powerful step in achieving that goal and changing how we discover, share, and ultimately, purchase products.

    It's a tough goal to track. But 3,000+ products, 1,000 Ace Hardware displays, and 15,000 Main St. Retail partners nationwide goes a long way in evening the playing field.

    This is how we got here. We still have a ways to go.


  • 12 Products to Get You and Your Home Ready for Fall

    The air is crisper, leaves are changing, and all around you is the faint aroma of pumpkin spice. It's time to get ready for fall. From your backyard to your living room, fall requires a whole new level of preparedness from summer. And we've got products that can help. 

    Yard Clean-up

    SureCan - Bottom Dispensing Gas Can

    You may want to mow the lawn a few more times before winter. And should the mower run out of gas, get yourself a can that isn’t going to spill on the ground or yourself. SureCan dispenses from the bottom for a safer pour and easier storage.

    Shop Now: Starting at $37

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  • 7 Grommets Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

    Around the world, October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer organizations lead campaigns, walks, and donation efforts to increase awareness and raise funds for research, prevention, treatments, and, ultimately, a cure.

    One of those important organizations is The Keep a Breadt Foundation.

    The Keep A Breast Foundation


    The Keep A Breast Foundation uses multiple digital and artistic approaches to educate and support a younger audience—who often aren’t specifically targeted by breast cancer charities.

    This charity meets millennials and Gen Z on their own turf, at music festivals and art events worldwide. Interactive displays, educational materials, and an approachable style help them engage women and men, and they learn more about their bodies and how to take care of them.

    Donate Here

    Now to the Makers and their products that are doing good this month, too.

    Here are six companies supporting breast cancer awareness month. Discover the products you can buy that help to support breast cancer organizations.

    1. Wink

    For every purchase, Wink donates a “Feeling Beautiful Again” bags to a cancer warrior through the Breast Cancer Charities of America. This helps regrow the lashes or brows of patients who have lost them through chemotherapy.

    Buy Now: $40

    2. Cuchina Safe

    Cuchina Safe was created in response to Maker Susan Castriota's own breast cancer diagnosis. Her daughter informed her that plastic microwave can be hazardous so Susan created her own durable, safer designs. The lids are made with strong, non-porous borosilicate glass. It won’t hold on to odors, stains, or bacteria like plastics can. Susan is in the Survivors Circle for BCRF (Este Lauder). Every October, she gives 5% of sale proceeds to the foundation.

    Buy Now: $29.95

    3. Chocamo

    The already delicious cookie cups are even tastier knowing that they are also supporting a great cause. With their new pink lemonade flavor, ChocAmo will donate 10% of the proceeds of their Pink Lemonade flavor to Wish Upon A Wedding, a nonprofit that grants renewal vows and weddings to couples facing serious, life-altering, and terminal illnesses.

    Buy Now: $14.95

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