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10 Great Gifts for the Outdoorsy Type

Have an adventurer on your gift list? Help them make the most of their camping, hiking, and fishing trips with these outdoor finds.


Fishing Pole Roaster

Enjoy roasting your hot dogs and marshmallows in a whole new way with a roaster that looks and feels like a fishing pole. With a quick flick of the wrist, flip your food to roast evenly. Shop Now


Kelly Kettle
Camping Kettle

Quick and easy to boil water, even in extreme weather conditions. Since only natural fuel is used you don’t have to worry about carrying gas or batteries or other types of fuel with you. Shop Now



Pocket Blanket

The Matador is a thin, lightweight, durable, water resistant blanket that easily folds up small enough to fit in your pocket, glove compartment, or backpack. Unfolds to 55" x 44." Shop Now

Portable Campfire

Enjoy the magic of a campfire in a tidy, transportable package. Incredibly easy, this quick-light log provides a self-contained flame that lasts for up to two hours. All the fun of an outdoor flame without the risk or commitment of a full campfire. Shop Now


Fishing Multi-Tool

The slippery task of filleting a freshly caught fish is now a lot easier. Inside this multi-tool’s grippy handle, a stainless steel knife, with built-in sharpener, cleanly cuts through your catch. The knife-handle’s scooper takes the mess out of removing guts. Plus, the weighted “bonker” handle gives you a way to put a humane end to your fish’s flopping. Shop Now


Inflatable Solar Lanterns

An easy-to-use, high-quality portable solar lantern that is lightweight, maintenance-free and waterproof. Use Luci for camping, power outages, vehicle safety, outdoor parties, and emergencies. Shop Now


Secure Fastening System

Safely secures things in many situations: camping, boating, home and outside uses. No more tying knots or worrying about personal safety. Shop Now


Personal Water Filter

Simple and rugged personal water filter designed to provide safe, clean drinking water. Perfect for an emergency kit, hiking or for use when traveling. Shop Now


Carabiner Hook

The Qlipter is a seriously handy tool, combining the functionality of a carabiner with a rotating hook. From hanging gear to keeping bags off the ground to securing things together, there are hundreds of uses for this hybrid hook-clip. Shop Now


High Efficiency Solar Charger

This multi-paneled, portable solar charger powers up multiple USB devices at wall socket speed. It includes a detachable battery and as well as loops to hang it in a variety of ways. Great for emergency preparedness or just to be less reliant on the power grid. Shop Now


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  • Maria Says:

    Thanks to these fabulous products I will be covered for Christmas, Husband's birthday and Father's Day.

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