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10 products for green thumbs and brown knees

You’ve always been cool as a cucumber, the chief cultivating officer of your luscious home garden. Each season you break new ground,   ready to try out the latest gardening products and showcase the breadth of your gardening gifts. This stuff is for you.
unique gift idea - Jill-able Vase

Jill-able - Say it with a Vase

Add to the pleasure of cut flowers with these unique, reusable vases that fold completely flat for easy storage. Buy Jill-able's portable and collapsible flower vase.


 Garden Gift Ideas | Self Contained Garden System

EarthBox® - Self Contained Garden System

This no muss, no fuss organic gardening system is simple to set up, and you don’t have to worry about soil conditions, over-watering or weeding. Buy the EarthBox® flower and vegetable container gardening system.

 Moultonology Garden Bon Bons Moultonology - Garden Bon Bons

From compost and clay you get... bon bons? A sweet gift for expert and novice gardeners. Buy Moultonology's Garden Bon Bons herb seed balls.

 GatorHyde Garden Hose
GatorHyde - Garden Hose

Keep your lawn and garden green with the GatorHyde hose. It's durable, lightweight and kink-free, plus it's made with recycled materials. Buy the GatorHyde heavy duty lightweight garden hose.

 John & Bob's Smart Soil Solutions

John & Bob's - Smart Soil Solutions

John and Bob's soil solutions can literally add life to your plot of earth by replenishing missing microorganisms and enriching the soil’s nutrient base. Buy John & Bob's soil conditioning system.

 Sky Planter - unique gift ideas

BOSKKE - Sky Planter

The Sky Planter suspends ferns, orchids and herbs from above, saving space and resources while decorating the ceiling and purifying the air with plant life. Buy the Boskke hanging upside down modern planters.

 Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed
Pearl's Premium - Lawn Seed

Make the transition to an organic lawn with Pearl’s Premium lawn seed. You’ll enjoy less mowing, less watering and no runoff from harmful chemical fertilizers. Buy Pearl's Premium grass growing seed.

 Rosie's Workwear Overalls

Rosie's Workwear - Overalls

These rugged, protective overalls do the job of typical workwear, but they're fit and constructed especially for women. Buy Rosie's Workwear work overalls for women.

 Bionic Gardening Gloves - Garden Gift Ideas

Bionic Glove - Ergonomic Gardening Gloves

An orthopedic hand surgeon designed these leather gardening gloves with strategically placed pads to reduce blisters, calluses and hand fatigue. Buy Bionic Gardening Gloves.

 Worm Composting System Cascade Manufacturing

Worm Composting System - Cascade Manufacturing

Nourish your garden with homegrown worm castings and you'll produce lovely green leafies that would make an organic farmer beam with pride. Buy the Worm Factory organic home worm composting worm bin.

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