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10 Products MacGyver Wishes He Had

Whether defusing a missile with tweezers or scaling a cliff with shoelaces, MacGyver makes do with what’s available to him. But if he had these dozen Grommets at his disposal, he could’ve saved himself some serious time and stress.

Wazoo Survival Bracelet (starting at $37) is a 23-piece survival kit woven into a bracelet—equipped with everything from a paracord and liquid-filled compass to a firestarter buckle and fishing line. This wrist accessory perfect for following a group of fugitives through the wilderness or, you know, just camping.


Sure, constructing a trap to catch your enemies out of nothing but stray branches and a pointy rock is impressive, but it’d be much easier with Klecker Knives (starting at $10.95). Equipped with an axe blade, hammerhead, and knife, it doesn’t even need a handle to hold the blade. One of those stray branches will do.

Instead of halting an electrical current with chewed bubble gum (gross), MacGyver could’ve used self-setting rubber Sugru ($22). It’s waterproof and adheres to metal, glass, fabric, and most plastics. It’s tailor made for patching a hole in a glass tube filled with poison antidote or stabilizing a frayed phone charger.


Ask MacGyver, sometimes you need more strength than self-setting rubber. Like when turning copper pipes into water skis to chase a fugitive in a shipping bay. Or trying to fix a shovel. Grab some FiberFix ($12.99) fiberglass-based repair wraps. They wrap around the broken object like a cast and harden like steel.

MacGyver once said “a paperclip can be a wondrous thing.” This was before he knew Iron and Glory (starting at $12) existed. These everyday carry multi-tools could have shut off a detonator with their small saw, knife, and flashlight carabiner or the wire cutter-screwdriver-steel file-knife combo much more effectively than a dumb paperclip. Oh, they’re also great for minimal bike maintenance and loose screws.

Whether trying to escape a corrupt scientist's underground lab or resetting the circuit breaker during a midnight power outage, flexible task light Clever Scope ($12.95) can illuminate the way. The long lasting LED lights are also magnets, perfect for retrieving your makeshift knife from a grate or your keys under the driver’s seat.

Saving the world with the contents of a junk drawer is thirsty work. LifeStraw (starting at $24.95), a personal water filter, lets you take a water break wherever there’s water. Its high efficiency filter traps 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria including E. coli and waterborne protozoan parasites like Giardia.


Not only is saving the world thirsty work, it’s dangerous work. Don’t be unprepared when you get a third-degree burn from that DIY fuse that ignited the oil drums behind the gunmen. Or when you trip in the woods and scrape your arm. The extensive survival kit from Rescue Swag ($165) treats burns, bites, cuts, scrapes, and the packaging even serves as a splint or sling.


Ok, there is one more thing saving the world is: hungry work. Yes, you could spark a fire with kindling and a pebble. But the CampStove from BioLite (starting at $44.95) gives you a fire without the hassle. Its thermoelectric generator burns sticks and pinecones for a nice little campfire to cook up your hunted rabbit. It can also charge your phone while Mr. Cottontail is roasting.


If you’re like MacGyver and thinking, “I’ll eat berries to survive, you nimwit, a fire would give Murdoc my location in a heartbeat.” First of all, easy does it, I’m just trying to help. Second, the solar powered and hand crank-powered Scorpion II from Eton ($49.95) can charge your phone. It’s also an emergency radio and LED flashlight.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a survivalist preparing for any apocalyptic scenario, or MacGyver himself, from the entire Grommet Team, you’re welcome.


  • Sergio Arias Says:

    Good products I will be back for more merchandise!

  • Gary Stenzel Says:

    Love the MacGuyver reference. Made me laugh a little when you said "diffuse a bomb", LOL. You would actually "De-fuse a bomb".
    Love those products! Gotta start saving my pennies!

  • Richard Says:

    I suppose "diffusing" a missile with tweezers is possible given enough time, but MacGyver is far less likely to blow himself to smithereens if he uses it to "defuse" the missile.

  • Yvonne Says:

    Mike I'm I love your products. I have bought the ones I can afford. I so much would love the Bio-Lite stove. I wont so much to try it. The problem is I am a senior citizen(77) and can't afford it. Would you consider a discount for me?

  • Misty Says:

    The MacGyver reference got me too! Favorite show when I was younger. The products you linked are pretty cool. LifeStraw is something I need to look at.

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