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10 Thoughtful Gifts for Mom She's Never Seen

When you're looking for a gift for mom, you want something with heart. Maybe that is something personalized, something practical, or something she'll just enjoy every day. Here are 10 we think will amaze her this holiday season.

christmas gifts for mom: Words with Boards custom wooden cutting & serving tray

1. Words with Boards - Cutting & Serving Boards

The boards and Lazy Susan servers from Words with Boards are all hand-cut, hand-sanded, and then hand-sealed with food-grade mineral oil. That hard work pays off with a beautifully finished piece that showcases the natural maple wood and crisp, precision-cut lettering. Each one strikes the perfect gifting balance of handmade and heartfelt.

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 christmas gifts for mom: Aura smart connect picture frame

2. Aura - Smart Connected Picture Frame

Aura is a beautiful, minimalist frame that shows off photos from your entire family’s devices in glossy, high resolution.
Connect to the companion app to manually select photos or leave it to Aura’s smart selection feature. This smart photo frame is the family album of the 21st century.

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christmas gifts for mom: Wolf 1834 quilted jewelry travel case

3. WOLF 1834 - Quilted Jewelry Travel Case

The handmade jewelry boxes from WOLF 1834 keep jewelry safe and tarnish-free, whether on mom's bureau or on a plane. The outside is wrapped in quilted genuine leather, which is WOLF 1834’s hallmark. They’ve been handmaking jewelry cases for five generations that are renowned for their quality and construction.

christmas gifts for mom: Benoit's Design Co coastal wall decor

4. Benoit's Design Co. - Coastal Wall Décor

Benoit's Design Co. makes beautiful artwork depicting coastal locations from around the country. The designs are laser engraved into painted birch wood and capture all the tiny details to give a clear representation of a specific coastal area. The result is a beautiful piece of art that looks fantastic and has meaning, which we think makes it a perfect gift for any seaside lover.

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christmas gifts for mom: The Grate plate

5. The Grate Plate - Handmade Ceramic Grating Plate

Made with garlic in mind, The Grate Plate does the grating job for hard cheeses, ginger, nutmeg, peppers, and it can even zest citrus. The presentation-worthy plate combines functionality and a polished finish, which also makes it a perfect gift for hosts, home cooks, or anyone who appreciates beautifully made and useful things.

Shop Now - $25

christmas gifts for mom: Triggerfire kickback free staple gun

6. TriggerFire - Kickback-Free Staple Gun

Mom can take on all sorts of DIY projects with more confidence and less kickback thanks to the TriggerFire staple gun. It can be operated with one hand and barely any effort. She can change it depending on how soft or hard the surface is and with more control, hard-to-reach places are in reach. DIY, upholstery jobs, and home repair are no match for her.

Shop Now - $19.95

christmas gifts for mom: Shupaca - Brushed Alpaca Throw

7. Shupaca - Brushed Alpaca Throw

An alpaca throw from Shupaca is a luxe-looking upgrade to the typical fleece blanket tossed on the couch. Brushed alpaca wool feels silky-soft and warm and is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and breathable, so mom can get cozy without feeling overheated. Not to mention, the modern finish of the blanket is one she’ll be happy to have on display at home.

Shop Now - $129

christmas gifts for mom: My Bodhi cashmere travel poncho

8. My Bodhi - Cashmere Travel Poncho

My Bodhi's cashmere poncho isn’t just good looking and feeling, it’s also Fair Trade and Made in the USA with sustainably sourced Italian cashmere. These extra-cozy ponchos combine careful craftsmanship and a sharp design for a timeless, go-anywhere piece.

Shop Now - $198

christmas gifts for mom: Aftershokz bluetooth bone conduction headphones

9. Aftershokz - Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones

AfterShokz lets mom hear music without having to cover her ears, so she's free to hear ambient sounds around her.  If she's walking, jogging or biking, she can hear cars, animals, and other potential hazards, while at the office, she won’t find herself “tuned out. They use “bone conduction technology" which was first developed by the military in the ‘80s, and SWAT teams continue to use it today. Now, it's helping mom enjoy her tunes and keeping her aware of her surroundings.

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christmas gifts for mom: Strawesome glass straws

10. Strawesome - Reusable Glass Straws

For the eco-conscious mom, Strawesome glass straws are made with the mission to ditch plastic straws and they do it in a beautifully handcrafted way. They look lovely, but are far from delicate. Each is made in Michigan with super-tough, non-toxic borosilicate glass. How tough is it? This type of glass is used in the windows of space shuttles because of its strength and ability to handle extreme temperatures. So yeah, it should handle anything mom throws at it.

Shop Now - Starting at $8.95, set of 4 $32.95


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