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10 Ways to Tailgate Like a Champion

Football season is underway and you might be wondering how to create the best pre-game tailgate. We have all of the tailgating gear that can take your party to the next level, whether you’re firing up the grill before cheering on your favorite pro team, your college squad, or your local high school.

For the Rookie

Tailgating Gear: Fugoo Outdoor Speaker

Fugoo - Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Every tailgate should start with some tunes to set the atmosphere just right. And this rugged speaker can handle even the wildest tailgate. 

Shop Now - $179

Tailgating Gear: Pop Up Grill Portable Charcoal Grill

Pop Up Grill - Portable Charcoal Grill

As a novice tailgater, you may not want to commit to a full-on grill right out of the gate and reasonably so. PopUp Grill is a compact and portable charcoal grill that does exactly what its name suggests.

Shop Now - $49.95

Tailgating Gear: Oggi Insulated Food Containers

Oggi - Insulated Food Containers 

You can bask in the sun for hours before kickoff. What can’t bask in the sun is potato salad. Luckily, the lidded, insulated bowls from Oggi are temperature regulating. They keep cold dishes cold, and hot dishes hot.

Shop Now - Starting at $19.95

Tailgating Gear: Bean Bag Buckets

Bean Bag Buckets - Bean Bag Toss Game

Tailgating is about more than food and drink. It’s a time to hype yourself up for the game. It’s about getting the competitive juices flowing! And Bean Bag Buckets is an easy and portable way to do it.

Shop Now - $59.95

For the Veteran

Tailgating Gear: Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer

Meater - Wireless Meat Thermometer

So you're ready to kick things up a notch. How about a meat thermometer that connects to your phone so you can keep an eye on things like cook time and temperature without actually having to watch the grill?

Shop Now - $69

Tailgating Gear: DiamondKingSmoker BBQ Smoker

DiamondKingSmoker - BBQ Smoker

If you want to graduate from hamburgers and hot dogs, how about smoked ribs or chicken? You don’t even need to haul a six-foot smoker with you. All you need is DiamondKingSmoker. It harnesses the power of wood pellets to turn the grill you already have into a full-blown smoker.

Shop Now - Starting at $59.99


Tailgating Gear: Nemo Outdoor Blanket

Nemo - Outdoor Blanket

Every tailgating veteran will tell you that cold weather sneaks up on you. Don’t get blindsided by a cold wave or spontaneous shower. Stock the car with the water-repellent, all-terrain blanket from Nemo. 

Shop Now - $149.95

For the All-Pro

Tailgating Gear: KettlePizza Pizza Oven

KettlePizza - Pizza Grill

So you’ve cooked up hot dogs, hamburgers, a pork shoulder, and smoked chicken and you still want to upgrade your pre-game meal? Ok. Well, you might think you have every cooking tool there is, but do you have a way to turn the grill you already have into a pizza oven? With Kettle Pizza, you will.

Shop Now - Starting at $99.95

Tailgating Gear: EcoFlow Tech Mobile Power Station

EcoFlow Tech - Portable Power Station

Whether you need to plug in a mini tv or charge up everyone’s phone in time for kickoff, River from EcoFlow Tech has enough energy to power a fridge for 10 hours or light for 100 hours. So, yeah, it should come in handy for a tailgate. 

Shop Now - $599.99

Tailgating Gear: Picnic Time Stadium Seats

Picnic Time - Stadium Seats

If you’re a Hall of Fame tailgater, you don’t have to dazzle with the coolest tech or trendiest gadgets. You just think of every detail of the gameday experience. Like providing support to your back on backless bleacher seats. Now that’s how you enjoy game day.

Shop Now - $59.95


Looking for more? We've compiled dozens of tailgate-ready Grommets as part of our Game Day collection.


  • Charlotte Says:

    Love it all A wonderful idea

  • TheaHaaren Says:

    Great Stuff!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Says:

    Mike is AWESOME! What a salesman. Made me want to buy most of the items and I'm not a tailgater. Way to go Mike!

  • carolyn Says:

    Mike, how much body weight does the picnic time - stadium seat with arm rests support?

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    Carolyn, there is no defined weight limit for the armrests, but Picnic Time does have a lifetime warranty so you should be covered.

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