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11 Items You'll Wonder How You Lived Without

Some products are so game-changing you shudder to think of a world in which they didn't exist. Below are 11 of those products and worry not, they're very real.

Certain shoes hold a blistering vendetta against your heels. Now you can fight back against the podiatric pain with FootGloss ($21.95). This all-natural, American-made foot balm creates a barrier to prevent skin chafing and help avoid blisters. From high heels and flip flops to hiking boots and sneakers, if the shoe fits, wear it without pain.

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Everyone gets a back itch in an impossible to reach spot. It prompts a dance. You arch your spine; throw your arm behind you or search for a nearby doorframe to end the torture. No more. The Cactus Scratcher ($12.95) is a personal back scratcher that puts every itch within reach. The two straps make it easy to navigate and two sets of spikes let you control how aggressive you want the scratch to be.


Ladies, if you’re reading this, there's a real good chance you're wearing a hair elastic. If it’s on your wrist, it’s leaving a dent on your skin and let’s be honest, not looking good. Now you can class it up with bittersweet by Maria Shireen ($45). It provides an elegant way to wear your hair elastic that turns it into a piece of your wardrobe rather than a deterrent.


Summer's approaching and so are stronger sun rays. Combat them with BlokRok (from $12.95), the roll-on sunscreen and lotion applicator. Slathering or spraying your skin doesn’t offer proper protection and it leaves your hands greasy and sticky. BlokRok helps avoid both problems. Fill it with your own sunscreen or get the bottle top and screw it right to the sunscreen bottle yourself.


With summer comes the craving for summer treats and nothing hits the spot like watermelon. However, nothing dirties a counter, table, and your hands like cutting a watermelon. The innovative design of Angurello from i Genietti ($19.95) carves up a watermelon without the mess allowing you to slice, dice, and serve with one hand. You'll end up asking your knives in disappointment, “Why can’t you do that?”


What if you could scan a document, photo, kid’s artwork, or book passage straight to your phone or tablet? That'd be so convenient. And what if the text you scanned could be translated then edited in Microsoft word? Oh man, that’d be incredible. And if you want to put it over the top, you could have the scanner be wireless, handheld, and connect via Bluetooth. Wow, what an invention that would be. Oh right, that’s Dacuda ($149.95).


As everyday tasks become easier, so should inconvenient one. Like jumpstarting your car. We shouldn’t need a tangled ball of jumper cables and a random car. JunoJumper ($99) agrees. This handheld device connects to your car’s battery and jumps it with the press of a button. It lets you know if the cables are hooked up right and won’t work if they aren’t. It even charges your phone. You can’t call yourself a good driver unless JunoJumper is in your glove box.


Another household staple desperate for a facelift, the tape measure. With eTape16 ($29.95) you can measure in imperial or metric, hold a distance, and calculate midpoints. You can even go around a corner without bending the tape by selecting the back of the device as your starting point. Whatever your home project may be, accurate measurements are essential and now you can read them clearer than ever.


Duct tape is a great fix for plenty of household items but not all. It won’t help you repair a broken shovel, bike frame, or ladder step. FiberFix (from $12.99) will with 100x the strength of duct tape. The fiberglass based, resin-infused tape needs to be dunked in water and wrapped around a break like a cast then it hardens like steel in 10 minutes. Just don’t FiberFix yourself. Wear disposable gloves for safety.


Raise your hand if you’ve dropped something in between the seats of your car and sworn in frustration. Alright, put that hand down and use it to get ODii ($24.95). The telescopic grabbing tool features a flexible claw and magnetic extensions and an LED light to easily locate then grab any items that fall between the seats, behind the fridge or under the coach.


Maybe you’re having trouble grabbing some sleep on a slight. ODii can’t help there, but Trtl ($29.95) can. This lightweight nap scarf provides strong support without compromising comfort. The flexible internal ribs support your head and neck by placing them in a natural, ergonomic position that won’t leave you with a stiff neck. Trust us, this is infinitely better than a crumpled up jacket pillow.

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