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11 Unique Wedding Gifts Chosen by Our Discovery Manager

It’s wedding season and as soon as our Grommet team members started getting Save The Dates, we turned to Discovery Manager Ayana Blue to help us find gifts as special as the happy couple.

Ayana is a woman in the know. As a Discovery Manager, she finds unique, unexpected products worthy of your attention AKA the perfect wedding gifts. Here’s what she’s loving now.

1. Fill a jar with gratitude

These beautifully designed jars from Studio Penny Lane remind the couple of all they have to be thankful for. With each message added to their partner’s jar the gift becomes even more personal.

Shop Now - Starting at $30

2. Capture the special day with handcraftsmanship

Perfect for destination weddings, these latitude and longitude mugs mark the spot where the couple said their vows—making each morning coffee or tea a reminder of their perfect day.

Shop Now - Starting at $26.95


3. A leather-bound ticket down memory lane

This beautifully bound book commemorates the date of the momentous occasion. The special couple can relive everything from noteworthy headlines to movies playing at the time—even that day’s weather.

Shop Now - $99.95

4. Handcrafted with love

The perfect gift for foodies, this gift box provides the couple everything they need to make handmade ravioli together for a romantic date night in.

Shop Now - Starting at $135

5. A wood-fired oven in their backyard

Everyone loves pizza and it’s even better when you get to make it from scratch. Uuni is a great gift for the couple that has their own home and the backyard space for entertaining.

Shop Now - $299

6. A pan they'll hand down to their kids

Every household needs great cookware. SOLIDTEKNICS are a great alternative to cast iron—they’re lightweight, but have all the same benefits from stovetop to oven.

Shop Now - $99.95

7. Antique finds get a second life

The Found Demijon will be the vase that’s taken out when flowers are exchanged or can be a simple and elegant decorative piece. It's one of a number of antique pieces sourced by Europe 2 You.

Shop Now - Starting at $60


8. Serving platters Made for a Lifetime

Get a group of friends together and splurge on this charming platter for the happy couple. Created from retired American and French oak wine barrels, each not only has a story but makes a beautiful platter for the couple to serve their guests.

Shop Now - $350

9. A romantic reminder

Love is Art is a fun conversation starter when the gift is given. It makes a personal DIY project for the couple, and the end result is a lasting memory of their romantic experience.

Starting at $60

10. A card that lasts as long as their love

These wood cards are laser cut and allow for the gift giver to share a special message with the couple that they will be proud to display.

Shop Now - $13


11. A custom gift marker

Replace boring name tags on a gift. Monkeys Always Look personalized markers — complete with the couple’s initials and wedding date — are a perfect finishing touch to an elegantly wrapped gift.

Shop Now - $13


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