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2015 New Year’s Resolution: Get Fit with These Grommets

We are days away from a New Year and you know what that means — time for a New Year’s resolution. Daunting yes, but let’s face this social fear together. One of the most popular resolutions is getting in better shape.  For some, this resolution is a piece of cake. For others, well, they’d rather just sit and eat a piece of cake (don't worry we have Grommets to help with that too).

But let’s stay committed this year. If a fitter lifestyle is your New Year goal, we’re here to help by taking you through the Grommets in stock  and ready to get your 2015 off to a running start.

Speaking of, if you’re running at night, grab 4iD wearable safety lights. Attach them to your heels or arms for passerby visibility. We assure you getting hit by a car will derail your mission to fitness so let’s try and avoid that altogether by allowing others to see you. Safety first, folks.

Ever wondered what to do with your phone, keys, or wallet when running? Of course you have. The FlipBelt is a non-intrusive, fashionable tubular waistband allowing you carry what you need wherever you go. You can listen to motivational tunes, buy a drink at a convenience store, and get back into your home afterward.

After a quick warm-up, it’s time to kick your workout up a notch. In that case, we recommend the Wrist Assured Fitness Gloves. They provide the wrist support needed when exercise intensifies.  And while we’re talking about support, you should absolutely be wearing Bombas Socks. Designed for optimum comfort in the heel and toes, your feet will be thanking you after each stride.

Make your trip to the gym easy on yourself by bringing it to your own home. Rubberbanditz mobile gym kit provides a complete body workout with elastic bands anywhere you go. Just as simple and effective is CrossRope, a weighted jump roping system taking an age-old exercise to new heights. No, seriously. Use it enough and your legs will strengthen so you can jump higher.

Need an exercise only a full-fledged gym can offer? No problem, just be sure to grab the Fivesse, an organizational bag serving as a gym bag, work bag, and, yes ladies, even a handbag all at once. Everything you need for the day in one place. You’ll never have to skip the gym because you “forgot your headphones” again.

No matter where you are, when the workout is over it’s time to cool down. There are the Ice Cold Towels live up to their name and literally bring your body temperature down. The Froller, an ice-cold muscle roller, helps reduce inflammation on any pesky injuries incurred.

If the aches still linger, turn to the PFitT massage tools and the Tiger Tail trigger point massagers. They iron out the kinks and knots that accumulate and allow you to get back to the exercise grind in no time.

This year you have no fitness excuses. The Grommet has you covered at every turn. In 2015 let your New Year’s resolution for healthy living last the entire year. But hey, have a piece of cake every once in a while, too. You’ll have earned it.

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