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2015 New Year's Resolution: Grommets to Help You Relax

The holidays are an exciting and extremely stressful time of year. December tends to just be blur in the memories of most, but January 1st offers a chance for a fresh slate. It is the perfect time to take a deep breath and enter the New Year in a state of pure tranquility. Kick your feet up and let us show you Grommets that’ll take you there. sphinxWP

We start with the Sky Bed from Hammock Bliss, a Grommet that literally allows you to kick your feet up. It is the first two-point hammock asymmetrically designed to provide the flattest sleeping surface of any hammock. All it takes to find the perfect position is to lay on it.

Let’s get into the science of comfort— ergonomics. The Sphinx provides total ergonomic, lounging comfort. Lightweight and inflatable, it perfectly cradles your head and neck. It also comes with a stand to hold your book or device with an internal compartment for holding your wallet and keys or filling with ice for a cooler. The only reason not to click off of this post to buy this award-winning lounger is if you already have one.

Time to move om to yoga (sorry, had to.) For those just starting out there is Yoga by the Numbers. It was developed to make yoga simple for all ages and skill levels with numbered targets and DVDs for a step-by-step guide on your ascent to purity.
For newbies and seasoned pros, Wrist Assured Gloves provide support for every pose you strike. Yoga Paws puts a yoga mat on your hands and feet anywhere and anytime you need to delve into relaxation. At the heart of yoga is the idea of living in peace with the Earth. Well, there’s no better way to do so than with the eco-friendly Jade HyogapawsWParmony Yoga Mats made from natural rubber.

If you’re still not relaxed, give yourself the spa treatment— from your very own home. First, there are t spheres, aromatherapy massage balls. Relieving everything from headaches to sore muscles, t spheres release a calming aroma of 100% natural essential oils like mint for energy, rose geranium for anti-inflammatory, and lavender for relaxation.

The idea of a home solution for acupuncture can be daunting. We are not suggesting you lay on a bed of nails, though you certainly can if you want. Why not just lay on a mat of flowers instead? The Yantra Mat USA uses spike flowers for a more even and deeper stimulation without discomfort. Relieve stress, pain, and endorphins at your home. Why are you still reading? Go purchase this.

Leave your stress in 2014. Start the New Year with mental clarity and physical revitalization. These Grommets will help get your there.

Looking for more help in the New Year? We have the best products to help you eat healthy and to ignite your fitness routine.

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