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4 Easy Ways to Green Your Daily Routine


earth day products

With Earth Day right around the corner, we've rounded up some of our environmentally friendly and sustainably made Grommets. There are many ways to get involved and support a cleaner planet. One of things you can easily do it is to look for everyday ways you "go green." These eco-friendly products will help you easily green your daily routine on Earth Day (and beyond).

√ Natural and eco-friendly materials.
√ Sustainable production.
√ A reduced carbon footprint.

earth day products - stasher

1. Replace single-use plastic bags
Did you now that Worldwide, a trillion single-use plastic bags are used each year? That's nearly two million each minute. Why not say "no" to throwaway plastic? These reusable silicone bags hold way more than snacks—and they go from pantry to freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. Consider using these silicone storage bags as an alternative to single-use bags.


earth day products - FaceOff
2. Ditch throw-away makeup removing wipes
Wipe off the day (heck, wipe off every day) with this one cloth. You can wick away makeup, dirt, and oil with water and this super-fine microfiber cloth. It works gently and effectively—and it’s reusable, too. Not only is this makeup removing cloth an earth-friendly swap, it will save you money.


earth day products - BagPodz

3. Pick up these reusable bags–you'll actually bring with you and reuse
We all have good intentions of bringing our reusable bags with us, but they can be easily forgotten and a pain to carry around. This sturdy, reusable bag set stays organized. Clip the pod on your cart, remove the bags you need, and put them back when you’re done.


earth day products - Soapberry

4. Rethink your laundry detergent
Do you even know what's in your current detergent? This earth-friendly alternative is organic, biodegradable detergent, and is Made in the USA. The secret is soapberries, a naturally-occurring fruit that’s hypoallergenic, gets out dirt, and softens fabric. An easy swap to make, don't you think? Plus, soapberry laundry detergent sounds a lot more fun to use.


Inspired to discover more eco-friendly products? Check out many more, here.

What "green" changes have you made, or plan to make? Let us know! 


  • Mary Says:

    When I moved to a smaller house, 3 yrs ago, instead of having an electrician add outside lights I put up solar ones. I have larger spot ones so I can see my dogs and small ones by my sidewalk. I also only use rechargeable batteries now too. I have been using my own bags for groceries for years now.

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