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4 Father's Day Gifts Made by Dads

Becoming a father bears innumerable responsibilities. You wear the hats of a provider and protector, teacher and friend, all while dressing the part of role model for leading a happy and healthy life.

The crown jewel of fatherhood is creating a better life for their children. At The Grommet, we have Dad Makers filling that role in more ways than one. Here are just a few.


Moff is a wearable smart toy infusing technology into the limitless capacity of a child’s imagination. Moff snaps to a wrist and adds realistic sound effects to arm movements via a Bluetooth connection to the Moff app. Instead of imagining the sounds of their spoon drum set or a pencil magic wand, kids can hear it themselves.

“I take it as a responsibility as a father to make the world better for my daughter, “ says Moff founder Akinori Takahagi. “When she was born I made up my mind to make a great playing experience for her. I want her to enjoy face-to-face interactive and imaginative play. That's why I'd like to invent and produce more products with an active user experience. One of those examples is our Moff Band. To be an entrepreneur and Maker is tough job, but for my family, I do my best all the time.” 


This loudspeaker innovation from Allan Evelyn, Gene D’Ovidio, and Stefan Bokamper, borrows a principle from aerospace technology, using piezoelectric actuators to stimulate both sides of the acrylic arc. Music radiates up the sides and streams outward to create full, clear panoramic sound. Pairing the purest audio quality with a stunningly minimalist design, the Clio loudspeaker looks as beautiful as it sounds.

“Before my first daughter was born, my wife and I discussed what a change having a baby would be,” said Evelyn. “We were married for five years, had jobs and enjoyed our leisure time together. We knew it was a major commitment, but one we were willing and anxious to make. When Kate was born, it was a ‘dream come true.

Now my other ‘baby,’ ClearView Audio Clio, is a thriving infant. She has captured the imagination of leading publications, blogs and other media. She has won six of the most prestigious awards that one could imagine. Clio, which launched on The Grommet December 8, is another ‘dream come true’ for the ClearView Audio team and myself." 


Handcrafted in the USA, iSkelter lap desks, founded by David Stuebe, are both functional and portable. The air vents keep your computer and lap cool and they’re designed to improve your posture. Comprised of bamboo, iSkelter offers an elegant laptop stand or a workstation complete with a mouse pad and mobile device dock for whatever your portable desk needs may be.

"This morning I was preparing our production schedule and replying to emails,” said David. “About 30-minutes in, I received a text saying, “I will need more help around the house this afternoon, Lily (our daughter) won’t stop feeding.

Being a Maker comes with great responsibilities. First, I have a responsibility to my family, and most importantly my baby daughter, who will continue to need her father. Second, I’m ultimately responsible to fulfill each customer order and prepare a product I would want in my own home.

Nathan (the co-owner) and I also experiment with new ideas. We try to complete one prototyping session per week. It gets the creative juices pumping but more so, it’s the reason we started iSkelter- to make quality products with our own hands that we would use ourselves.”


Wanting his daughters to interact with each other instead of a screen, Maker Mader Hamda created Ozobot. This tiny robot reads colors and responds with different movements on-screen with the accompanying app or on a piece of paper using a marker. It blends the social components of family game night with the educational components of the classroom. Kids are teaching the Ozobot to obey hundreds of commands while learning logic and basic coding skills to see what Ozobot will do next.

“Being an entrepreneur provides one of the best platforms for introducing new thoughts and ideas to the world. As a maker, it is important to understand world trends in order to make timely and informed decisions on what we need to keep advancing as a society. As a father, I feel a responsibility to teach my children the importance of making a positive difference everyday to help ensure a better future for them and for their children.” 

From the entire Grommet team, thank you to all the dads working to make their children’s lives the best it can be. Happy Father’s Day!

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