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4 Ways to reuse wrapping paper

The presents were ripped open and the presents are being throroughly enjoyed -- but what about all of that used wrapping paper? Instead of tossing it in the garbage can, consider reusing it (mother earth will thank you).

4 Ways to recylce wrapping paper:

recycle wrapping paper

  • Make a wrapping paper wreath. This is such a fun DIY project that the whole family can get involved with. Create one using all of that discarded Christmas wrapping paper and next year you will have a new Christmas decoration to hang or give as a gift! See tutorial here. You can even make coasters!
  • If it's not torn to pieces carefully fold it up and store for wrapping use next year.
  • Shred it and use as packing filler. Shredded paper is perfect for protecting valuable you are storing or shipping.

recycle wrapping paper

  • Use the wrapping paper to cover used (and washed) tin cans. Then, you will have festive storage for your office or kitchen supplies. Source. 

What do YOU do with your discarded wrapping paper? Leave a comment and share your tips!




  • Growth Chart Art Says:

    What a great idea! My kids would thoroughly love to make this wreath.

  • inkkarnation Says:

    Its realty creative work. I like it.
    thnaks for sharing

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