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5 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Get the scissors ready and pull out the tape –tis' the season for wrapping. This year, don't wrap up your unique holiday gifts in a traditional and boring way. Present your gifts in style with one of these creative gift wrapping ideas. We can't promise no paper cuts, but we can promise your gifts will look festive.

1. No fancy ribbon? No problem. Cut strips of an old patterned t-shirt (or tablecloth) and use to tie up your packages.

2. Use a small plant or twig to dress up a package. Trim off a small piece of a branch and tuck it under the ribbon to dress up your gift. The greenery will be a nice seasonal surprise.

3. Before you purchase rolls (and rolls) of wrapping paper, look around the house for things you can reuse to wrap gifts. Old maps, newspapers, brown paper bags, and sheet music all make great alternatives to traditional paper (and it's more eco-friendly).

4. Giving money or a gift card but want to present it in a thoughtful way? Wrap it in a ball of yarn so the recipient has to unravel until they get to the gift card in the center (hello, yarn bomb!). You can also place it in a larger box and wrap it up like you would any other gift.

5. Make your own wrapping paper design using blank paper and a stamp. Stamp a design repetitive all over the paper. You can draw or paint your own designs too.

Looking for more creative gift wrapping ideas? Check out our Pinterest board.


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