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3 Food & Drink Apps For Summer

Alex-InternHello Grommet fans!  My name is Alexandra and I’ve  just started as an intern here at The Grommet.  Already, I can tell that there is an open and inviting atmosphere here (it can be felt as soon as you step through the front door of the new office space).  This, plus the genuine effort put forth by my coworkers to integrate me into their habitat has started making me feel like an important part of this blossoming business.  Also there is a coffee machine in the kitchen that is completely at my disposal.  Thus, in short, I couldn't be more excited to be interning here.

One of my first tasks was to find the best apps to help kick off summer. Being  the most highly anticipated season (and one of my favorites), I was up for the task!   What's not to love about beaches, barbeques, and a welcome dosage of vitamin D?  It means we can stop hoarding food like a bear in hibernation and start having fun, light meals while watching the sunset.  It means we can kick back and enjoy evening drinks on the deck, knowing that somehow cocktails just taste better June through August.

Here are a few food and drink apps that are sure to keep you happy until the leaves turn, as well as some choice products from The Grommet that will enhance your summertime experience.  Enjoy!

recipe app | cocktail app

Apps for the food lover:

1. Real Simple Recipes: $4.99 for iPhone.

This useful app, at a price point of just one purchased magazine gives you over 850 quick and easy recipes for dinner.  After a long hot day at the office, treat yourself to any of these light and straightforward meals, then put your feet up and relax.  The app also has video instructions from Real Simple food editors, no-cook options so you can stay away from the stove, and a kitchen timer.

Looking to make dinner even simpler?  Check out the popular Grommet, Silpoura.  This lightweight little gadget easily strains, drains, pours, and even acts as a spoon at rest.  Don’t waste those precious summer nights spending any more time in the kitchen than necessary!


Apps for the specialty drink lover:

2. Cocktail Flow: Free!

With some beautiful photographs to inspire you, this fun app is an easy and smart way to make the perfect summer cocktail.  Regularly updating to keep recipes fresh and exciting, this app is able to show you which drinks to make based on what ingredients you have on hand.  They even have a feature that gives you helpful suggestions on what to buy for next time!

Looking for  fun decorations for that perfect drink?  The Grommet’s Dragonfly Cocktail Markers by French designer Lib are sure to please and entertain.  Attaching these quirky plastic insects to the edge of your glass will undoubtedly generate a little whimsy in your afternoon.  Make your summer drinks fun and fascinating!


3. Mixology™ Drink & Cocktail Recipes: Free!

This app, with a section costing $0.99 for summer-specific recipes, gives you over 1,000 concoction options to choose from.  Supplying you with helpful bartending tricks and techniques, as well as a liquor store locator just in case, you are sure to produce just the right summertime treat for you and your friends (or just you) on a weekend evening.

 Not a cocktail-making pro?  Not a problem!  The Grommet is proud to introduce you to the Bar10der (Bar-ten-der; clever), a multi-tool combination of 10 key bartending utensils.  This all-in-one instrument not only makes producing the perfect drink much simpler, but it also saves you valuable set up and clean up time.  Get in and out of the kitchen faster, and onto the back patio for that sunset.


 If you have a favorite food or drink app, please share it with us in the comments!

Happy summer everyone!


  • BiteMeMore Says:

    Am already a fan of the Mixology app but am now loving this Bar10der mutlti-tool! I didn't want to clutter up my kitchen with a bunch of tools to create and experiment with new cocktail recipes so this device looks like a very practical alternative. Very cool - thanks!

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