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5 of our favorite food blogs

There are several common "likes" around Grommet HQ. Many of us like outdoor activities, some of us like a great beauty find or an innovative tech gadget -- but I think it's safe to say ALL of us like a tasty unique food find. When we aren't sampling delicous food Grommet ideas, we are scouring the web and feasting with our eyes. Here are some of our favorite food blogs, we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do!

food Blogs

Pear Galette (created/photographed by With Style and Grace) With Style and Grace

  • With Style & Grace - Lisa captures the amazing beauty in food. She bakes, cooks and takes all of her own (gorgeous) photographs.
  • Tartelette - Helene has been creating amazing dishes and capturing the images since 2006. The french foodie is one we love to follow (and often makes us drool on our keyboards)!
  • Amy Atlas - We love seeing the most recent sweet dessert stylings Amy has done and are having a blast reading along as she shares in her journey of creating a book.
  • The Pioneer Woman - Aside from the fact that she is most likely on everyone's "top list," her food just tastes GOOD. Believe me, I've made almost all of her recipes!
  • Cookin' Canuck - Dara posts recipes (like this one) that get our tummies rumbling!

Hopefully you have found a new food blog (or two!) to read. We'd love to know what are your favorites, tell us below!


  • Katie Waltemeyer Says:

    I love reading Picky Palate! She has some of the most amazing recipes for cooking and baking. She is one of my go-to foodie blogs!


  • Tori Says:

    Thanks Katie, we will check it out!

  • Jennifer Says:

    "Cheeseburger in Glacial Ice" - A self taught cook (I know she didn't learn much from her mother!) Her recipes are spiced with her stories of Alaska and wonderful photography.

  • Julie Cook Says:

    How about North Shore Dish? Love to follow them as they explore the towns north of boston.

  • Jill Says:

    SmittenKitchen. Very funny writing style, and every recipe I've tried has been a *huge* hit.

  • Hank Says:

    http://foodonthefood.com/ You gotta try Food on the Food! The author Tammy is incredibly witty, as well as incredibly talented with food. She loves using local ingredients and always tells where she gets everything. And her recipes are mouth-watering and very do-able! It's the only blog I'm addicted to!

  • Beth Says:

    Exceptional every day!

  • Elen Grey Says:

    Also love Two Peas and Their Pod and Steamy Kitchen.

  • Eve Says:

    Love the Pioneer Woman blog and look forward to checking out the others you list. Here are a few more that I like and read regularly:
    The Wednesday Chef - nice recipes and style - Luisa lives in Berlin and often includes lovely pix of her neighborhood - http://www.thewednesdaychef.com/the_wednesday_chef/
    The Garden of Eating - lots of really good recipes (veggies, baked goods, some meat) and fun posts about local foraging (making maple syrup, harvesting ramps, etc.) and nice pix http://gardenofeatingblog.blogspot.com/
    101 Cookbooks - super healthy (sometimes a tiny bit too much for my taste) but good recipes and nice photos - very northern CA http://www.101cookbooks.com/
    La Tartine Gourmande - she takes such beautiful pix that it's a feast for the eyes - delightfully French, too http://www.latartinegourmande.com/
    Smitten Kitchen - very good recipes and funny writing. Deb's recipes are not health-conscious but that does not bother me! http://smittenkitchen.com/
    Mark Bittman - first found him on the NYTimes and he's a great source for tons of recipes and for info about sustainable food issues - http://markbittman.com/

  • Tori Says:

    Thank you Eve, what a great list of resources. A couple I read and a couple that are new to me. I'll definitely add these to my list of blogs to check out soon. Thanks!

  • minnie Says:

    A Bright Menagerie is a great newish food blog. I also like Seven Spoons (it's an old stand-by).

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