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5 Ways our Grommet Partners Make Extraordinary Products


1) They go natural.

organic skincare S.W. Basics Organic Skincare Lip Balms


Sometimes you need to strip down to the basics. So many products these days are pumped, loaded and infused with more additives to make the product bigger, better and last longer. Too often this means that our goods are less natural and often less healthy for us and our environment. Many of our Grommet partners believe in making a more natural world void of harsh chemicals and additives. The founder of S. W. Basics, Adina Grigore , found herself having bad reactions to most skin care lines. She knew there had to be a better way and when she realized that she could create real skin care with less than 5 natural ingredients, she knew she was on to something. The press noticed too. Check out this article  in the New York Daily News.

2) They think outside the box.------------------

heirloom baby rattles Cameo by Rux Baby Rattles


When shopping for a baby rattle, you might just think of heading to the nearest toy store. But what if you wanted to give a gift that was more sentimental than something you can buy at a typical retail store? Russell Greenberg, a new dad in the New York City area wanted to do just that for his own son. So he created a rattle based on the profiles of himself and his wife. Thus his handcrafted wooden baby rattles were born. He even created one for Prince George using the profiles of William and Kate.


3) They figure out how to solve a problem.

press to open key rings FREEKey System Press-To-Open-Key-Ring, Unique Key Rings


Or two, or three...

Whether it’s an old problem with a new solution, or something that solves a brand new problem, our Grommet partners always find new ways to solve everyday issues. We even find our team saying things like “There should be a Grommet for that”. Almost always followed by “Oh, right. I forgot there is!”.  Just the other day I was adding a new key to my already over-loaded key chain. I have no manual dexterity issues to speak of, but still struggled for minutes, wrestling the key between the thin circles of medal. I’m now placing an order for FREEKey.


4) They stand for something they believe in.----------------------------------------

solar light Waka Waka rechargeable solar light


The number of companies with a social mission is growing and a new breed of “social entrepreneurs” has arrived. Whether their social component is just a compliment to their work, or it’s part of their core mission, our Grommet partners care about making our world a better place to live. Here in the U.S., we’re often unaware of issues that plague developing countries every day like access to adequate electricity or education. We drink our morning cup of coffee without thought to where the beans came from, or whether the coffee farmers made an adequate wage.  Our partners want to help educate and give us the chance to support values we believe in.

5) They don't just have a product, they have a story. -----------------------------------

Alpaca pillows Malpaca Pillows: 100% Alpaca Pillows


As our mission statement says “Grommets are products with a purpose, invented by people with stories.” One of our Grommet partners, Mary Anderle of Malpaca pillows created a plush, new type of pillow created from 100% Alpaca wool. On it’s own, it’s a lovely, soft pillow that one can chalk up to being “luxurious”. Yet when you listen to Mary’s story and her awakening to the dangers of synthetics and other chemicals in most pillows and bedding, you’ll want to support her even more.

We hope this has given you a small glimpse into what makes our partners extraordinary. If you have a product idea, please submit it to our Citizens' Gallery or browse through other’s ideas and support them.

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