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5 Ways to Ride Easier and Smarter this National Bike to Work Day

May 15th is National Bike to Work Day. These Grommets will help you get to the office easily, safely, and comfortably. Happy biking.

cycle gear from The Grommet

Dirty bike seats and freshly-pressed work clothes don’t always go hand-in-hand. CitySeat is a waterproof bike seat cover that is washable and foldable, so you can easily keep your clothes clean while adding a little bit of personality to your bike. Shop Now.

Innovative Cycle Gear

Siva Cycle
Thanks to Siva Cycle, you can now power your devices while you commute to work. The Atom is a small lightweight generator that attaches to your bike and uses the energy of your spinning wheels to power up, so it can be used to charge any USB device. Shop Now.

New Cycle Gear

Keep essentials like money, cell phones and keys available, portable and secure -- no matter the adventure. Travel hands free with the versatile and reversible cross-body strap. Shop Now

Cool Cycle Gear

We get it, sometimes commutes happen before the sun rises or after it sets. It’s easy to stay visible with MonkeyLectric bicycle spoke lights. As you bike along the technicolor patterns will light up the road and keep you safe, and passersby entertained. Shop Now.

New Cycle Gear

ICEdot is an impact sensor that attaches to your helmet while you bike. If the sensor detects a fall, it alerts up to 10 emergency contacts and can track your location coordinates. While we certainly hope your National Bike to Work Day is safe, ICEdot provides an extra dose of security, just in case.
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