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5 Ways to Soak Up the Sun This Summer

MeghanBy: Meghan Gibbons, Discovery Team Intern

Summertime is here and it's time to get outside and enjoy the sun.  I await for this season all year round, and the minute the temperature rises you will find me outside. Each summer I escape to the beach often (though not as much as I'd like!) and look for other fun things to do in the summer.  Whether you find yourself in the suburbs, the city, the waterfront, lakeside or on a mountain-top, here are some 5 great ways I have found to soak up the sun during the summer!

1. Hit the Sand

Nothing beats plopping yourself in the sand all day with the refreshing waves just a few steps away. The number of beach activities are endless: splashing in the waves, playing beach volleyball, reading a good book, building a sand castle, taking a walk or simply sunbathing. Although I love the beach, I hate to leave and I especially dislike how messy and sandy I feel at the end of the day. This summer, thanks to a find by The Grommet, I am going to tote a mesh-bottomed Hello Beach bag so that the sand stays at the beach after a fun day in the sun.

2. Look up Local Events

I love that during the summer the whole community seems to embrace the summer fever! My local town always hosts outdoor movies and concerts by local bands that are free to attend and great to go with your family or friends. Whether you like jazz music, country music, black and white films or laugh-out-loud comedies, I am sure your town or city has something to offer. Most of the time I just check my town’s website or newspaper for when all the events are happening. Another bonus, by the way, is that you can bring your own snacks!

3. Head to the Farmers' Market 

Fresh produce  is most bountiful during the summertime, and I take advantage of that! Often times I head to the local farmer’s market where the options are endless. I want to try all of the delicious fruits and vegetables and capture the aroma of the fresh flowers. To make sure I have somewhere to put all my farmer’s market treasures, the Bogg Bag is the perfect accessory for me. It carries a lot and is super durable and easy to wash. The Bogg Bag even comes  in bright colors (perfect for summer). During the summer, you can also test out your own green thumb by growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden.


4. Just Get Moving!

Something about the sun inspires me to be active, and the number of ways to be active in the sun are endless. Some of my favorites are taking my dog for a walk, biking on a trail or kayaking on the nearby river. If you like the water, swimming laps in the pool is a great workout. Running, jogging or walking (pick your pace) is also an active way to embrace the sun and stay fit while doing it! Just make sure you always stay hydrated!

things to do in the summer | picnic

5. Pack a Picnic

I can never let a summer pass without having a picnic in the park with some friends. We each bring some of our favorite summer snacks, pack up a bag, grab a blanket and head for a sunny spot in a local park. Often times, I have struggled to find a blanket that is able to embrace the wind or a bag that can keep my refreshments cool. That is until I tested out Pack Up Picnic Bag and Roll-Up Picnic Blanket. The durability, wind-resistant corners keep the blanket in place so our spot to lounge is never disturbed, and the ease and insulation of the bag keeps anything snacks or drinks I packed cool and fresh. Nothing beats food, friends and sunshine during the summertime, and a picnic is sure to incorporate all of that.

I hope I've inspired you to find a few creative ways to soak up the sun this summer. Do you have a favorite summertime activity? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


  • Margo Says:

    Read a whole series of Jo Nesbo novels featuring the Swedish detective, Harry Hole: including "The Snowman," "The Leopard," and four or five others! Love this guy!

  • Rosetta Embry Says:

    Enjoyed Nora Roberts' "The Search". I read many of her books this summer as well as ones by Fern Michaels, Jude Deveraux and many others. I enjoy the romance and suspense novels.

  • Mary Says:

    I am currently reading The Reluctant Nazi - Memoirs of my Grandfather. Just finished, 1000 White Women. I loved it.

  • Karen Says:

    Read Bomb Shell by Catherine Coulter - great FBI thriller. Wonderful characters!

  • Ellen Says:

    I am currently reading Gone Girl. I previously read A Gentleman Undone. I love mysteries and romance.

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