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7 Amazing Gift Swap Gifts They've Never Seen

Whether it's a White Elephant, a Yankee swap, or Secret Santa gift swap, these gifts will dazzle your friends, family, and co-workers and leave everyone else jealous they're not going home with them.

gift exchange ideas: Oowee

Oowee - Handcrafted Leather Drink Accessories

The craft beer lover can slide on a custom leather koozie from Oowee to keep a brew cool and drip-free in the best-looking (and well-made) way possible. Recycled leather from boot and lace industries is hand-sewn and branded with a custom design that will never rub off or fade. They're made in North Carolina and guaranteed for a lifetime.

Shop Now - Starting at $19.95

HyperChiller - Rapid Drink Chiller

HyperChiller turns any non-carbonated beverage ice-cold in less than 60 seconds. Pour in hot coffee, tea, whiskey, wine, juice—whatever you’re drinking, and enjoy it iced in a minute without ice cubes that dilute the taste. It’s even designed to fit under most coffee makers, so they can go straight from brewed to brrrrrrrrr.

Shop Now - $29.95


gift exchange ideas: Sukeno Socks

Sukeno Socks - Knitted Sushi Socks

These funny sushi socks from Sukeno Socks look realistic when rolled up and unfold to reveal a comfy (and colorful pair) that will charm foodies and fun sock-lovers alike.

Show Now - $12.95

Vibes - Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

For music fans, the hi-fidelity earplugs from Vibes let them enjoy loud concerts without sacrificing sound quality. Filters built into the super low-profile plugs dial down volume by about 22 decibels across frequencies, equally from bass to treble. This brings the volume to a softer and safer level, while the sound quality remains crystal clear.

Shop Now - $23.95


gift exchange ideas: Sportula

Sportula - Classic Grilling Spatula

Give the grilling sports fan a heavy-duty sports spatula that bears a laser-etched logo. Made from stainless steel and hard maple wood, Sportula is generously sized with a built-in bottle opener that makes it cookout- and tailgate-ready.

Shop Now - $19.95

gift exchange ideas: No Place Like Home

No Place like Home Candle - State Scented Candles

No Place Like Home Candles will let them breathe in memories of home with a candle that evokes the special fragrances of their native state. Crafted in Oregon with clean-burning (and long-lasting) soy wax, each state-centric candle combines scents that capture the essence of each location.

Shop Now - $22.50


gift exchange ideas: Chardonnay GO

One Funny Mother - Chardonnay Go Adult Board Game

Ready, set, Chardonnay Go! This wine-fueled and themed board game is packed with hilarious questions and make-you-blush dares. This game will have the travel through the vineyard-inspired game board with the goal of reaching the tasting room. If they can make it without falling over with laughter (or spilling their wine), bravo.

Shop Now - $29.99


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