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7 Back-to-school, Fashion-Meets-Function Grommets

Look good without sacrificing practicality. Warning: these Grommets are at a heightened risk of your roommates "borrowing" them.


1. Hair Tie Bracelet

Ladies, if you're sick of the indent your hair tie leaves around your wrist, we recommend using bittersweet- the hair tie bracelet. Lightweight and elegant it cleverly holds—and disguises—hair elastics keeping your wrist indent-free.

Buy now: $24.95


2. Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Keeping your wallet in your back pocket can wreak havoc on your back and posture. The curved design of this wallet fits perfectly into curved front pockets, carrying both cash and cards comfortably and keeping you yourself comfortable. For added protection, it has RFID blockers stitched in. Nice try digital pickpocketers!

Buy now: $45


3. RunPhones Wireless

Look trendy, keep your ears warm, and listen to music all at the same time. These headphones can’t fall out of your ears or irritate them while you’re exercising- two of the most frustrating things about working out with headphones.

Buy now: $99.95

4. Oil & Grease Stain Remover

I can't tell you how many times olive oil has dripped on my pants or blouse while the fresh piece bread is on the treacherous journey from the table to my mouth. Spot Stuff has saved my clothes from ugly stains and me from future embarrassment. This non-toxic, eco-friendly stain remover erases stains in less than five minutes—even stains you’ve washed and dried.

Buy now: $13.95


5. Hooded Waterproof Wrap & Pouch

Throw this wrap over anything. Rainraps is the perfect cover for you and your bag when the weather isn't cooperating. It's also fully reversible so you essentially have two jackets in one. It's lightweight, hooded, and folds up easily into a purse or backpack making it a perfect companion for rainy walks to class. 

Buy now: $60

6. Nylon Repair Patch

You can never predict if/when you're going to rip your favorite nylon vest or jacket. But if you do, there's a stylish solution to extend its life. To answer your questions, yes, the patches are washable and weather resistant. As an added bonus, nothing gets a conversation going like “nice dolphin sticker."

Buy now: $14.95


7. Steel Fine Tooth Wallet Comb

We've all had bad hair days. But sometimes we realize it after we've already left home. The Go-Comb is made to slide easily into your wallet or pocket- keeping your hair looking good whenever and wherever you need it and staying out of your hair when you don’t.

Buy now: $16


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