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7 Fun Facts from THRIVE Farmers Coffee

Thrive Coffee 3 Generations of Coffee Farmers


Recently, The Grommet launched TRIVE Farmers Coffee, a truly disruptive company that offers a new option for farmers to earn 5 - 10 times more than Fair Trade. They helped to educate us about a massively popular beverage that many of us consume every day, yet ironically  know such little about. We recently caught up with Christine Macrenaris, Director of Marketing & Communications of THRIVE Farmers coffee and we got carried away talking coffee (of course!). She shared some fun facts about coffee that we found fascinating.

Read on to discover 7 Fun Facts about coffee that you may not have known!


    1. Coffee is actually NOT a bean, but comes from a fruit! It is grown on a tree or bush that produces cherry fruit. The bean is the seed inside the cherry.
    2. Coffee is the world’s second most popular drink after water.
    3. Years ago, in Turkey, if the husband did not provide their wife with enough coffee, it was grounds for divorce.
    4. It takes one tree to make one roasted pound of specialty coffee and each berry has to be hand-picked.
    5. There are 4,000 roasted beans in one pound of coffee. (Source: Rob Tuttle, Barista and Thrive Farmers VP of Operations)
    6. The price of a tall latte in America is a day’s wage for many of the farmers who harvest it in South America.
    7. What makes Thrive Farmers unique is that they are selling coffee directly to the consumer, providing world class coffee and giving farmers the opportunity to THRIVE in an industry where many farmers are unable to survive.

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How many of these facts did you know about your favorite morning drink?  

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