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7 Fun Learning Toys

These educational toys  prove that learning can be fun. We've rounded up  toys and games that will keep little minds (and hands) engaged and entertained.

Educational Toys


YOXO is a customizable building kit, made in Minnesota from locally sourced, sustainable materials. Use the interlocking Y, X and O shapes with everyday items around the house to build whatever your imagination can conjure up. Invent your robot hero with the YOXObot Orig building set. Shop Now

Best educational toys

Siege Toys

This tabletop toy is a miniature replica of siege engines used during Medieval times. Using the scientific elements of force, distance, weight and height, these learning toys are great for playtime or lighthearted warfareShop Now

New educational toys


Handcrafted in Brooklyn, these simple wooden toys let you to record a message, play it back, and change the pitch in a non-digital, non-plastic wayShop Now

Best Educational Toys for Girls


This activity game and storybook features a female engineer role model and helps develop spatial skills and confidence in problem-solving abilities. GoldieBlox is girly; but Goldie is a problem solver, not someone who passively waits to be rescued. She’s confident, ambitious and persevering. Shop Now

Unique educational toys


DIY toys are bound to be a hit with the kids on your list.  These educational games are part DIY building kits, part toy, but all fun. These toys have to be made before they can be played which makes for a little extra hands-on learning. Shop Now

Learning Toys


This is a fun and engaging electronics kit that lets kids get hands on with circuits and everyday materials. Kits come with color-coded Bits modules that snap together with magnets to create larger circuits. Shop Now

Learning and educational toys


Learning to write? Magnatab to the rescue. A magnetic stylus pulls beads up to create solid lines. Kids writing their first letters will get helpful up, down and sideways instructions via easy-to-follow arrows. What makes it more fun? It all erases with the tip of a finger. Shop Now

 Looking for more toys that promote learning through play? See all of our learning toys here.


  • Bonnie Kirchner Says:

    Very pleased with your toy selection, but please add the ages to the intro page, so important for Grandmas!

  • Marie Fletcher Says:

    Hi Tori,
    Do you ship to Canada? If so, do you have any idea what the estimated time of arrival would be to Edmonton, Alberta? I'm thinking your site is a next year earlier thing, but could it be for this year?

    Here's to hoping

    Marie Fletcher

  • Shop Learning Education Toys Says:

    Great toys suggested Tori.It is really important to educate children since childhood to make their mind sharp.

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