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7 Gifts For the “I Just Want to Spend Time with You” Dad.

If your dad doesn’t want anything for himself, get him something he can enjoy with the whole family even though it will be for him. Because, after all, there is no greater gift than the gift of quality time.

1. Modern Campfire

Solo Stove provides the same comradery as the age-old fire pit in a stainless steel design that burns easily and produces less smoke. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which every dad will appreciate.

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2. Cooks More S'mores

There are few one-two punches as crowd-pleasing as a campfire and s’mores. So once that Solo Stove is roaring, cast the fire fishing pole Firebuggz to roast a handful of marshmallows at once. It provides a safe distance between dad and the fire and has a built-in safety mechanism so nothing but the mallows will get hooked.

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3. Ready to Roll

Chances are, your dad's lawn is in pristine condition at this point. So head out to the newly manicured backyard for some giant yard dice action. Handmade from all-natural wood, Snake Eyes gets everyone involved in some competitive fun. And, if you have an empty trash barrel, you can play proper giant-Yahtzee. If you do that, please send us a picture.

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4. Lawn Games

In keeping with the outdoor game theme, Bru-bag combines two popular party games — cornhole and beer pong. Follow your own house rules or the ones included and don’t worry about incorporating actual beer. This is for all ages.

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5. One Charger to Rule Them All

There’s no family bonding time like an international family vacation. And one way to keep everyone happy in a foreign country is to ensure their devices are fully charged. Whatever country you land in, OneAdaptr is ready to conform to the outlet and give dad all the power he needs.

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6. Ergonomic Relaxation at 36,000 ft.

Of course, with any international trip, the worry on everyone’s mind from the outset is jet lag. A little shuteye on the flight can go a long way in helping to curb that. And Trtl can make sure that dad’s shuteye is had in a comfortable, ergonomic position.

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7. Explore New Heights

The modern-day model airplane is the drone. And Aerix Drones makes a handful of user-friendly drones great for casual flying or even racing. The VIDIUS drone even has an HD camera so dad can capture the good times and add it to the home movie collection that you'll definitely watch one day. 

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