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7 Gifts For the “I’ll Fire Up the Grill” Dad.

If your dad knows no bounds when it comes to grilling season and is always looking for the next tool to up his game, these Grommets are sure to excite and elevate your gift giving to well-done.

1. Deliciously fast pizza

In the past, if you wanted to give dad the gift of making brick oven pizza in the backyard, it would’ve entailed a six-month construction project. Now you just need an Uuni. This pizza oven heats up to 900 degrees in 10 minutes and cooks a wood-fired pizza in two.

Buy Now - Starting at $299

2. Easy BBQ Smoker

On a similar note, smoking meats used to require a giant, expensive smoker. But now, dad can adapt the grill he already has with DiamondKing Smoker. All you need are the ribs, chicken, or fish and the smoker takes it from there.

Buy Now  - $69.95

3. Meat Claws

If pulled pork or chicken is part of your dad’s grilling repertoire, he’s probably familiar with the pain of pulling it apart. Bear Paws solves that problem with their meat shredding claws. Six super sharp prongs tear through meat easily. It’s the closest your dad will get to actually being Wolverine.

Buy Now- $12.95

4. Cleaner, Safer Grilling

Every griller likes a clean grill. And while it seems simple, there may be no better way to express love and concern for your father than getting him a bristle-free grill brush. The CDC warns about the dangers of metal bristles getting cooked into meals and causing serious harm. So the stainless steel double helix brush from Brushtech is both practical and immensely thoughtful.

Buy Now - Starting at $15.95

5. Wireless Grill Guide

It’s easy to get distracted while grilling, but Meater has the grill master’s back when their attention is elsewhere. The wireless meat thermometer connects to an app on your phone to monitor your beef, chicken, pork, or fish and will notify you when it’s just the way you like it.

Buy Now - $69

6. Light Up the Grill

For the serious griller, it’s always the perfect time to grill. Dead of night? Not a problem. Grillight gets it. That’s why they installed an LED flashlight into their spatula. No need to flash your phone over the grill to check on everything. That’s just asking for trouble.

Buy Now- $19.95

7. Propane Monitor

There is no greater let down than prepping for a BBQ only to find out the propane tank is empty. GasWatch monitors the propane levels via an app so you don’t have to and you can just worry about whether Sharon asked for a medium or medium-rare burger.

Buy Now- $25.46


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