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7 Pet Products Chosen by The Grommet Team & Their Pets

At The Grommet, we get to test out every product on our site. Often, our pets enjoy that perk just as much as we do. Everything from an automatic ball launcher to a whisker relief food bowl goes home for rigorous testing and we document the results. And those results are in, let the team recommendations begin!

Himalayan - Dog Chew Treats

Tester: Bacon, French bulldog and Madaline Spinks, Senior Designer

Review: “This is Bacon's favorite chew bone by far. It has no preservatives and natural ingredients cleans her teeth as she chews and lasts a super long time. Also, when it gets down to a little nub, you can pop it in the microwave for a cheese puff treat!”

Shop Now: Starting at $8.95


Playday Labs - Pet Tag Silencer

Testers: Riley, Lab Mix and Erica Simons, Merchandising Director


Results: “I have Playday Labs on my dog's collar. The jingling of her collar always drove me crazy, especially in the middle of the night when the sound would wake me up. It was easy to add to her collar and basically just secures all the tags together so they can't move around. It's super durable too. I've had the same one on her collar for two years and it's lasted through runs, swims and trips to the dog park.”

Shop Now: $9.95


Zen Clipper - Safety Pet Nail Clipper

Testers: Marty, Mixed Breed and Doug Murphy, Community Experience Director

Review: “I never had any luck clipping Marty's nails before Zen Clipper. I was a little afraid and he knew it and got scared, too. With Zen Clipper, I'm confident in the process and he barely notices.”

Shop Now: $19.95

Polydactyl - Organic Cat Nip Toys

Testers: Bruce and Rosie, Jamie Weliver, Software Engineer.

Review: "Bruce and Rosie actually fight over these they love them so much."

Shop Now: Starting at $18


HandsOn Gloves - Grooved Grooming Gloves

Testers: Sydney, Golden Retriever and Joanne Domeniconi, Co-Founder and Chief Discovery Officer

Results: “Sydney loves to be groomed. He just laid there so still and the hair just flew off into the wind with these gloves—it was actually quite miraculous."

Shop Now: $25

Lilly Brush - Be Forever Furless Brush

Testers: Anbesa, Half-Maine Coon and Dan Shults, User Experience and Interface Designer

Results: “I've tried a variety of tools for removing fur from carpets and furniture, but this brush has them all beat. It's easy to use, effective, and easy to clean.”

Shop Now: Starting at $12.95

Whisker+Box - Nylon & Felt Compression Cat Box

Testers: Tilly, aka ‘Kitty Cat’ and Front End Website Developer Corrin Barnes

Results: "I like spending my money on this small creature who bites me. Tilly loves all boxes, but personally, I prefer something I can easily clean and fold up for storage like this. And it looks a lot nicer than shredded cardboard. 

Shop Now: $42


So, there you have it! Our lives in pets.

But the tests don’t end there. Be sure to share your own opinion in a review if you (or your beloved pet) give any of these a go. We’d be glad to hear it!


  • Anne Says:

    My giant pit bull was VERY unmotivated to get his nails clipped until I made up a nail clipping song that included his name, the words Good Dog and Cherie, the all purpose term for yummy treat food. I also realized he couldn't see the clips coming so now we do it on his favorite blanket in front of a mirror and touch each new toe ahead of time so he has time to proces that this one is next. If he yanks or squirms I say, "I thought you wanted a CHEWIE" and he settles back down. I also change out the clippers when they get full. Pass along to tour clipper e
    Inventor and office staff!

  • Ellen Fitzgibbons Says:

    Awesome things for our furry kids!!!

  • Ilene Kimble Says:

    Like your comments and descriptions! Sometimes I’m not sure what the product does. You make it clear. Thanks

  • Terry Stone Says:

    Excellent ideas and above all for me, practical!

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, everybody! We hope your pets enjoy these products as much as we enjoyed testing them!

  • Shantel Says:

    I want them all!

  • Mike Says:

    Totally get that, Shantel!

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