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7 Products To Help you "Unsuck" In the Kitchen

Molecule-R Gastronomy

Molecule-R Gastronomy Kit


The young professional crowd in Boston wishes they had more time and skills to be a better cook.

Did you get inspired this holiday season by all the tasty treats around you and wish you too could make them? Whether or not "unsucking" at cooking was one of your resolutions, you'll find the list of Grommets below to help you get started.


1) Craft a Brew Premium Beer Making Kit: Odds are, if you have a friend who's a guy, he's into brewing or wants to be into it. It seems to be all the rage these days among 20 and 30 something men.  Yet it's likely even more people would try their hand at brewing if it wasn't so darn intimidating! Where do you even start? This simple kit gives you all the tools you need and really breaks down the process for you. The price is right and the beer will taste great, so what do yo have to lose? Make a day of it and see how it goes!


2) Sushi Quik: Another popular pastime is to make home-made sushi. Yet it's messy and difficult. Sushi Quik helps you along the way and your friends will never know you didn't buy it from your favorite sushi place. Plus, you don't have to use fish if you don't want. Why not try tofu, chicken or sweet potato? Heck, you can even make dessert sushi! You get to experiment here and that's half the fun.


3) Silpoura Clip-On Spout: This is one of those awesome products that you never knew you needed, yet when you have it, you wonder how you ever got through life without it. Whether you're new to cooking or you're a pro, you're likely to have less mess and be more precise with this additional clip-on spout. Use it for everything from slowly adding liquid to getting rid of grease easily. Trust us, you'll thank us later.


4) Back to the Roots mushroom kit: Fancy yourself some mushrooms? Those fun fungi can be pricey at the store. Why not grow your own? No you don't need an outside porch or a green thumb. You can do it quickly and easily in your own kitchen and it takes up minimal counter space. You need to spray them twice per day and voila: you've got delicious mushrooms ready to eat.


Back to the roots mushrooms

Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit

5) Molecule-R: Home Gastronomy Kits: If you want to really wow your dinner guests with your culinary skills, take a few hours and play around with this kit. After following the starter recipes, you'll be making food and drinks that look like something you'd order at an expensive, new age restaurant. It's great fun, looks cool and tastes great.


6) Cookina: Nonstick Grill and Oven Mat: You know that feeling when you're about to bake some tasty treats and realize that you're out of tinfoil? Never buy tinfoil again when you have Cookina on hand. It's an oven mat that's dishwasher safe and can be used over and over. Plus, take it with you to barbecues in the summer and you'll be the hit of the party.


7) Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit : Oh, cheese. The ultimate comfort food. Ever wanted to make your own? Maybe not. But now you can. This DIY cheese kit gives you all the accessories you need to be on your way to serving your favorite cheese to friends and marveling at the fact that you made it yourself! You're so impressive.

Which kitchen Grommet are you most excited about?

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