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8 Business Gifts for Your Co-Workers

As the holiday season approaches, you may be formulating the list of special people in your life deserving of a gift. Parents, significant others, family members, and friends top the list. But one group you may not think of right away, are the ones you see most—your co-workers.

Surely, all the time spent with them will make the gift-giving process easy, right? Well, not always. Lucky for you, The Grommet is here to ease your concerns as you set out to find the perfect for your cubicle comrades.


Wireless Jump Phone Charger

First, that whole “sit in a cubicle all day” doesn’t really exist. People are constantly on the move in the office. Going to meetings, lunch, finding a moment of solace in a supply closet. Every time they get up, your work buddy’s phone goes with them. Theo is a wireless charger using Qi protocol that takes the annoyance of a wire out of charging every time your phone needs a boost. Perfect for any iPhone with a lightning connector, Theo is nearing an Android version to cover everyone in the office. Shop Now

Simple Matters - Ditto

Simple Matters
Ditto Notification Wearable

While your phone is wirelessly charging on Theo, you can rid yourself of having to carry it, while still getting your important texts, calls, and emails, with Ditto. This wearable allows you to customize what notifications you get from whom. If your co-worker doesn’t want their phone on them, but wants to know if there is an emergency at home or an email from their boss they should be ignoring this is perfect! Just kidding, they shouldn’t ignore that email. It’s probably a big deal and Ditto will make sure they get it. Shop Now


D4 Tablet Holder

Everyone who has a tablet has a tiny bit of fear when they carry it around. A seemingly infinite amount of disaster scenarios can occur ending with that tablet face down with a cracked screen or worse…dead. Take the anxiety out of taking a tablet on the go with Padlette. Inspired by the way artists hold their painting pallets, this silicone strap stretches over the back of your desk-mate’s tablet to create a secure handle for them to bring it safely on the Van Gogh! Shop Now


A5 Size Double Pen Holder

If you had a nickel for every time someone asked you for a pen you could probably buy six thousand Quivers— leather penholders that go right over the cover of your notebooks. Perfect for the purists among us who still want to put a pen to paper. With Quiver your co-worker can be prepared whenever inspiration strikes and never be looking for a pen again! Shop Now

This is Ground

This is Ground
Fine Leather Organizers

For years, one of the great things humans have held over robots was our ability to enjoy Mexican food. No more. Thanks to This is Ground, your computer, phone, and tablet cords can get a taste of a burritos and tacos in the form of beautifully handcrafted, American-made leather organizers inspired by their real-life Mexican namesakes. Keeping all your cords organized can drive your co-workers loco, but with This is Ground, you can help them maintain their cords and sanity. Shop Now

Card Cubby

Card Cubby
Card Organizer

The Rolodex is not visually appealing. It’s bulky and probably wasn’t made in the last decade. Give the ladies in your office a desk accessory with some style in the form of Card Cubby. Designed by Wendy Krepak, Card Cubby is a fashionable holder to keep business cards and contacts in place at a desk, in a purse, or even in a glove compartment for business trips! Shop Now

The Wallet Pen

The Wallet Pen
Sterling Silver Pens

The Quiver (above) is great for making sure your co-worker has a pen when taking notes, but out in the real world they may not carry a notebook. The Wallet Pen will write off any worry. This handcrafted sterling silver pen is sized so discreetly it will fit in a wallet, purse, or checkbook (if anyone still has one of those) with no extra bulk. A functional pen your co-worker won’t even realize they’re carrying, what could be better? A lifetime guarantee on each one. Also, a million dollars, but let’s be reasonable. Shop Now

Mod Notebooks

Mod Notebooks

If one thing has been made clear in this post, it is people still put pen to paper. Technology will never render it obsolete, but it’s something technology can revolutionize. That’s where Mod comes in. A notebook, service, and app all in one, Mod makes their own notebooks of high-quality 120 GSM paper and when it is full, your co-worker can send that notebook back to Mod with a prepaid envelope, who digitizes all of their content free of charge! That entire notebook will then be available through the Mod app, which syncs with Dropbox, Evernote, and OneNote. Put a pen to paper and then take it to the digital world! Shop Now

With these or any one of the other perfect gifts we have on site, The Grommet can keep you from being the laughing stock of the holiday party! Unless of course you go crazy on the egg nog and butcher "Don't Stop Believing" during karaoke. You're on your own there.


  • Herbert Says:

    How does Theo work? (Blue tooth or Wifi?) How far from my phone can I get?

  • Mike Says:

    Hi Herbert, THEO uses wireless charging through Qi Protocol which is found on the new iPhone 6 and, I'm sure, new phones from here on out. In order for it to work, your phone has to be physically on top of THEO.

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