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8 Screen-free Gifts for Kids They've Never Seen

Children are not easy to find gifts for. If your gift doesn’t wow a kid, they will let you know it. Luckily, we have 8 screen-free gifts that avoid any holiday disappointment and will knock kids’ heelies off. That is if they are still wearing heelies.

christmas gifts for kids: TrueBalance

True Balance - Coordination Game

No gift brings the same amount of excitement and frustration as TrueBalance. All you have to do is balance all of the discs. Which is much harder than it looks.

Shop Now - $24.95 

christmas gifts for kids: MOZI arm spinner

Mozi - Arm Spinner Toy

It’s a slinky, it’s a fidget toy, it's MOZI and we cannot stop playing with it in the office. Though the kid in your life will probably learn five tricks much faster than we learned one. 

Shop Now - $12.95

christmas gifts for kids: Ponycycle

PonyCycle - Plush Ride-On Toy

PonyCycle ride-on animals are technically not for adults. But what kind of gifting helpers would we be if we didn’t try them out? We can safely say they are very fun.

Shop Now - $259

christmas gifts for kids: Bean Bag Bucketz

Bean Bag Bucketz - Bean Bag and Pong Toss Game

We know you’re not supposed to let kids throw things in the house. BUT Bean Bag Bucketz is designed to be played in the house. This mini toss game keeps them off an iPad without putting anything fragile at risk.  

Shop Now - $29.95

christmas gifts for kids: Rock & Roll It Roll up piano

Rock and Roll It - Flexible Roll-Up Piano

For the musician on your list, we have Rock and Roll It. Kids can record songs, roll it up, and take it with them so they can practice anywhere. 

Shop Now - $49.95

christmas gifts for kids: Jooki

Jooki - Interactive Jukebox for Kids

Ok, now Jooki is a smart jukebox that does require a screen, but your screen, not theirs. Parents create a playlist in the app and kids do the rest. Each Jooki character is linked to a preloaded playlist of songs or stories, so kids get to play DJ without needing their parents’ phone.

Shop Now - $199.95

christmas gifts for kids: Longest coloring book

Longest Coloring Book - 15 ft. Fold-Out Coloring Book

For the artist, there’s the Longest Coloring Book. Each book has its own theme and 15 feet of intricate drawings to get lost in. Find us an app that can do that.

Shop Now - $14.95

christmas gifts for kids: Cardboard Teck Pinbox 3000

Cardboard Tek - PinBox 3000 Pinball Machine Kit

Maybe your kid is a builder. Well, let’s see if they can construct their own pinball machine. Cardboard Tek requires no tools, no screens, and in the end, kids have a game they can play for hours.

Shop Now - $49.95


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  • Charlene Shepperd Says:

    for 8 yr old boy who is in to anything computer

  • Penny Says:

    The True Balance Game is fascinating for adults and kids alike. I ordered one for me and one as a gift and I even took it to our large extended family Thanksgiving dinner. It was a big hit with big macho men competing with each other to see who could do it faster. It was hilarious. I always get the same response = "where do you get such unusual things?"

  • Mike Says:

    That is the kind of review we love to hear, Penny!

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