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8 Ways To Get Kids Outdoors

When the weather warms up, it's sometimes hard to get the kids to unplug and get outdoors. Help them enjoy the sunshine and warm weather with these toys, games, and activities–for all ages. There's something on this list that's bound to keep kids busy (and outside). Go ahead, make them have some fun.

best toys for summer

Kite & Kite Flying Handle 

Get your kite airborne with the press of a button, and cleanly reel it back in just like you’re fishing. No more running into the wind. No more burns from the string unraveling against your palms. And no more knotted up string, either. ($19.95) Shop Now

summer toys and games

Snake Eyes 
Wooden Lawn Games

Handmade from solid, all-natural wood, play your favorite dice games outdoors with rustic, hand-sized dice. Perfect for the summer, get the whole family involved for a little competitive fun.
(Starting at $49.95) Shop Now


Slack and Ziplines

Getting kids to put down their electronics and play outside is a no-brainer when your backyard setup includes a slackline or zipline. (Starting at $69.99) Shop Now

summer toys

Daydream Toys
AFO Flash Flyer

Fast-spinning indoor/outdoor flying disc boomerang that lights up when flying. This flexible round disc is capable of flying far distances... a whopping 40 feet!... and returning exactly from where it was launched. ($19.95) Shop Now

new summer toys

Kan Jam
Disc Game

An ultimate frisbee game. Regulation flying disc and two goals. Collapsible for easy transport and storage. ($39.95) Shop Now

summer toys

Outdoor Lawn Game

Murbles is a new outdoor game using large 3" in diameter balls (A Murble). Murbles can be played outside in the back yard, at the park, at the beach, etc. Obstacles such as tree roots, irregular surfaces, sand dunes, rocks, bushes, and trees make the game more exciting. ($49.95) Shop Now

best summer toys for outside


Outdoor Throwing Game

Mölkky is a simple, but slyly strategic, outdoor skittles game similar to lawn bowling. It’s easy to learn, and can be played virtually anywhere. The game pieces are made in Finland using wood responsibly sourced from local forests. ($40)  Shop Now

Best summer toys

Hit Mit
Paddle Glove Game

The Hit Mit paddle is worn like a glove, allowing for quick response time and maximum ball control. Made from soft waterproof EVA foam, Hit Mit is great for play indoors, outdoors, and in the water. ($19.95) Shop Now

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