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88 Acres

88 Acres: Allston, MA

What is it?

 Nut-free, gluten free granola bars

Read more about this product straight from the founders below!


Product Description:

88 Acres is a snack food products company that manufactures all-natural, simple and delicious foods in a nut and gluten free environment. We aim to enhance the quality of life for the millions of people who suffer from nut and other food allergies by providing great-tasting, healthy snack foods that are safe for all to enjoy. We are a YouthTrade certified company (www.youthtrade.com) and plan to launch our first products, a line of granola bars, in June 2013.

Granola bars are supposed to be healthy and delicious. But somewhere along the way, they became overly processed, often cardboard-tasting, and potentially dangerous landmines for people who suffer from common food allergies.  88 Acres has taken a back-to-basics approach in crafting our first product line, 3 flavors of healthy, delicious granola bars made with simple, pure ingredients, manufactured in a dedicated allergen-free facility so everyone can enjoy them. Our bars are free of nuts, GMOs, gluten, and animal products and full of healthy delicious flavor. We love that you can pretty much identify all ten of the ingredients we use just by looking at the bars; there’s no artificial or hidden junk there, just carefully sourced all-natural and organic ingredients.

Seeds are the new nuts. We use a base of sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds to deliver a powerful punch of protein, vitamins and minerals. Our flagship flavor, Triple Berry, is packed with blueberries, cranberries, and Zante currants, while our Apple and Spice flavor, full of apples, golden raisins and ginger, reminds us of the tastes and smells of Autumn. We currently have a third flavor in development, dark chocolate and Sunbutter, which is our take on the classic chocolate/peanut butter combination.

Twitter Handle: @88acresfoods

The 88 Acres Team

Nicole Ledoux is the CEO/Co-founder of 88 Acres. Nicole graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2008, and received her Bachelors degree from UMass Amherst. Prior to 88 Acres, Nicole spent ten years in finance in portfolio management and trading roles, and has extensive experience in financial markets, quantitative analysis & modeling, and business development. Nicole grew up on an 88-acre organic farm in central MA and started her first food-related business at 10 years old.Rob Dalton is the Co-founder of 88 Acres. Rob is currently pursuing his MBA from the FW Olin School of Business at Babson College, and received his Bachelors degree from Northeastern University.  Rob has extensive experience in the start-up world; he currently works at BigBelly Solar where he runs account management, and has led sales and business development groups during his four-year tenure at the company.  Prior to BigBelly Solar, Rob worked at Zipcar and Marathon Sports. He is deathly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Rob and Nicole are engaged to be married this July. They love triathlons and road races, can frequently be found on the slopes skiing and snowboarding, and have a ten year old Chocolate Lab named Bear.


  • Brian greenlaw Says:

    Love the bars I consume a gluton free diet these are the best bars I've tasted!!

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