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9 Easy Ways To Be More Green

Going "green" doesn't have to be overwhelming–a few small changes can add up to make a big impact. Here at The Grommet, we work with Makers who are mindful about the environment, and who are crafting eco-friendly products from natural materials, using sustainable production methods, and focusing on reducing their carbon footprint. They've  done all the hard work for you. So, if you're interested in making simple changes in the name of Mother Nature, read on.

eco friendly products - Vejibag

eco friendly products - Juice in the Box

Add Some Green to Mealtime: Prep, Enjoy, and Store 

The kitchen is a great place to make a few green upgrades. Ditch the plastic bags and try Vejibag, an ingenious produce keeper that’s made of American-grown organic cotton and hand-sewn in Maine. It gives produce the humidity it needs, keeping it fresh and crisp far longer than plastic. And while you're thinking of ways to use less plastic, get the kids involved by swapping their drink pouches for Juice in the Box. This reusable juice and drink box is made from Tritan plastic; BPA and Phthalate free. Its no leak container holds eight ounces and can be filled with your own beverages (which are often much healthier).

Earth-In Canteen - eco friendly products

Coverflex - eco friendly products

If you're looking to ditch the disposable water bottle habit yourself, Earth-In Canteen is an elegant alternative. This beautiful clay vessel is Made in the USA, keeps water cool, and eliminates any metallic taste. You can even use it to store olive oil, vinaigrettes, wine, and more. And while you're at it, kicking the plastic habit for storing food just got a lot more convenient, thanks to these reusable food covers from Coverflex. They’re made from 100% food-grade silicone and designed to stretch, so you can fit them over all types of dishes, bowls, and pans. (Bonus, your cabinets will be a lot less cluttered once you remove all of those plastic storage containers.)

Bagpodz - eco friendly products

eco friendly toothbrush

Green Hacks For Your Daily Routine: Errands, Chores, and Personal Hygiene 

At some point during the week, you'll inevitably end up at the market. Have BagPodz with you and you'll quickly rack up those green points. This reusable bag set is sturdy and easily organized which makes being green a lot more convenient. The bags come neatly packed in a compact pod with a clip that you can attach to a shopping cart. At checkout, just unzip and pull out as many bags as you need. And after you get the food home, prepare dinner, and eat, you'll likely have to do the dishes, too. Get the job done better (and greener) with one of these Pura Naturals sponges. Not only will they clean much better than your typical sponge, they are plant based and made from renewable sources. Your dishes will be sparkling in more than one way.

Now that the dishes are done, but before your head hits the pillow, you must get your teeth sparkling as well. Check out these sustainable bamboo toothbrushes from Humble Brush–a totally different take on a toothbrush. It’s eco-friendly and has a mission to help improve oral health around the world. Now that makes for sweet dreams.

eco friendly products - Console Solar Jar

eco friendly products - Sunjack

Earth Friendly Ways to Chill Out and Power Up: Relax and Recharge

While you're our running errands all day, the Console Solar Jar will be capturing sunshine in a jar. Simply place it in direct sunlight to charge the batteries, then flip the magnetic switch for hours of bright, soft light in the evening. While you're at it, let SunJack power up in the sun. When you run out of juice, you can use this high-efficiency solar device charger to power up your phones and tablets at wall-socket speed.

Want more ideas for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Check out our Sustainable Living collection here.


  • Harinder Says:

    Great green initiative. Gud going.

  • Jason Faulhefer Says:

    This article is absolutely great. I already use a lot of these products and more. Also consider a solar powered USB charger. I use an Anker solar powered USB charger that I stick in my office window that gets full sun during the day. It charges very quickly during the day and I use it to regard my iPhone and iPad at night. Yay! Free electricity! Also, There is a product that you can preorder now called Sense. You install (or have an electrocution install it) in your electrical box. It tells you what, in your home, is using electricity and ways to save. It's an investment at $250 USD preorder but looks like a great way to get insight on ways to save.

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