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9 Gifts for Makers, Fixers & Tinkerers

Shopping for someone who likes to keep their hands busy and is constantly making things? These quirky and clever gift ideas are ideal for makers, fixers, tinkerers, and anyone with an appreciation for the unexpected. 

Gift for Crafters -Inkodye

Lumi Inkodye: Fabric Printing Kit

Let them turn their photos into wearable masterpieces. This is a complete set of tools for printing on textiles using sunlight. Extra Inkofilm and Inkodye are available for continuing the creativity.  Shop Now

Gifts for Crafters: Sugru

Sugru: Self Setting Rubber

Are they always fixing things? Sugru is a soft-touch silicone rubber that molds and sets permanently. It sticks to aluminum, steel, ceramic, glass, wood and some fabrics and plastics.  Great for hacking any project.       Shop Now

Best gifts for DIYers

Makers Toolbox: Drawing Robot & Proptractor

There’s something special about a toy you build yourself—especially when it starts out as just a handful of electrical parts. This kit contains everything they'll need to make their own drawing robot.  Shop Now

Gifts for DIYers

Fraser Ross: DIY Pens

Like a LEGO set, piece together this pen from components that fit on a single, postcard-sized sheet of plywood. They can make their own pen as unique as their signature.  Shop Now

Best Gifts for DIY People

Make2Play: DIY Learning Kits

These toys have to be made before they can be played. Children learn focus, experimentation, patience, and ultimately, accomplishment as they assemble and enjoy.  Shop Now

Gifts for Crafters - Buddha Board

Buddha Board: Zen Art Board

Are they a doodler? Zen board allows for painting  of fleeting designs. Like an etch-a-sketch for creating beautiful designs with just water and the included brush.  Shop Now

Best Gifts for DIY Kids

GoldieBlox: Engineering Toy

This activity game and storybook features a female engineer role model. Helps develop spatial skills and confidence in problem-solving abilities.  Shop Now


MaKey MaKey: Invention Kit

This DIY Circuit board kit  turns objects that conduct electricity into user interfaces and keyboard controllers.  Shop Now


Romminate: DIY Wired Dollhouse

DIY wired dollhouse building kit designed by engineers to get kids excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Teaches through hands-on building and basic circuitry.  Shop Now

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