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9 Holiday Apps You Need to Know About

While it may be the “Most wonderful time of the year,” the holiday season can often be full of stress. Here are some Christmas apps  that will help you get the most out of your holidays with a little bit of drink, song, and fun for all ages.

Christmas Apps


Nothing puts you in a festive mood quite like holiday music. We have more access to free music than we ever have before, but it can sometimes be a chore to find the style of music that you want. Here are a few apps to bring the song into your life.

Christmas Radio – With over fifty stations of music, Christmas Radio will keep your holidays fresh and entertaining. It makes it easy to skip stations if what you find isn’t to your taste.

Little Fox Music Box – A songbook with three sing along songs for your kids, and the record your own song feature will keep your young ones occupied for hours.


Whether hosting a party or simply enjoying a holiday evening at home, a well-concocted holiday beverage by your side is a must. However many of us (myself included), are a bit lost on the art of the cocktail creation. These cocktail apps will help you mix the drink that everyone will remember.

Christmas Recipes - Winter Drinks for the Holiday Season! –This app boasts good collection of holiday themed drinks will keep you in good spirits. Bavarian Ginger Dream, Nuremberg Holiday Coffee, and German Eggnog are small sampling of the many recipes inside.

Speakeasy Cocktails – The heavyweight app of the cocktail mixology world, Speakeasy Cocktails has over 200 cocktails from two incredibly talented bartenders. There is no doubt that there is a cocktail for everyone in this collection.

Apps for kids

This is no doubt the most exciting time of the year for kids, but sometimes you need to keep them distracted. Whether you let them play these on extended drives or during a long dinner, these sure hits will keep them occupied and let you relax.

Doodle Jump Christmas Special – The already classic game Doodle Jump has been transformed for the holidays. Fly around a Grinch-esque world.

Toca Hair Salon - Christmas Gift  – In this app, you get to cut, style, and perm Santa’s hair and even a Christmas tree’s!

Tappy Run X-mas Christmas Game – Help Tappy and his friends through a snowy forest to help get Santa’s presents back! Easy controls make this ideal for kids of any age.

Apps for Photos

Immortalizing memories with photos is a staple of the holiday season. After the 200th photo, it can get a bit stale. Use these to inject a little fun and keep it fresh.

Santa Booth – This wonderful little app changes your friends or families photos into a multitude of holiday characters. You can become an Elf, a reindeer, or even Santa Clause himself.

ElfYourself – Spread your holiday cheer a little differently with this app. Place photos of you and up to four of your family and friends and create a video to share with anyone!

Is something missing from our list? Share your favorite Holiday or Christmas apps in the comments below!


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