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9 Things To Take On Vacation

Regardless of current season, we all dream about packing up and heading on vacation (typically somewhere sunny and warm). Whether you're planning your next trip, jetting somewhere tropical for spring break, or just eager to get outdoors and soak up the sunshine, we've rounded up nine new products that will help you enjoy a little rest and relaxation.


Brush on Block
Brush on Block is a brush-on sunscreen that’s easy to apply and nourishes your skin with botanical ingredients. Leading skincare figure Susan Posnick designed this SPF 30 powder for the whole family—light, non-greasy, and perfect for on the go. It’s translucent so it can be used over or under makeup, and because there’s no tint, it’s great for anyone. Toss it in your beach bag or purse and be ready to soak in those rays.  Shop Now


RipSkirt Hawaii
If you're self-conscious and feeling over-exposed in a bathing suit, yoga pants or bike shorts, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with RipSkirt, a sporty, water-repellant wrap. Great for relaxing poolside, a day at the beach, or even for your next water park adventure. Shop Now


Vizini strapless visor has loops that slide onto the arms of your glasses or sunglasses. This visor barely touches your head, and it’s comfortable, lightweight, and Made in the USA by a woman-owned company with a commitment to hiring disabled workers. Take Vizini everywhere from the golf course to the hiking trail. Shop Now


Quut is pronounced as cute, and there’s much more to these European designed pails, shovels, and rakes than meets the eye.Created by a group of industrial designers in Belgium who, with 24 children among them, have gone through their fair share of beach toys over the years, Quut products are built for building and made to last. Shop Now



Bareskin Beach Towel
BareSkins are the perfect towels for people on the go. At the beach or on the boat, you won’t be weighted down by soggy, sandy conventional beach towels. They’re so effective you can even have family members share one BareSkin towel to save space in your bag. Shop Now



Sunglass frames with a twist, Sunskis compliment any face shape and complexion. Durable polycarbonate frame, polarized lenses, and five-spoke hinges that aid against sides snapping off. Sunskis brings new meaning to looking at life through rose-colored glasses. Through what color lens will your life look best? Shop Now


LA Wedge
Headed to the beach or pool? This headrest is specifically angled for comfortable lounging on the beach, and features a hollow center, which is perfect for storing essentials like keys, sunscreen, a wallet, or cellphone.    Shop Now

Occles are wrap-around eye covers designed for comfort and relaxation, which makes them like blackout sunglasses. They block light and provide complete UV protection, fitting seamlessly over your eyelids. Bridgeless and flexible, the contoured neckband stays out of your way. Great for vacationing by the beach, that long flight, or even napping on the couch. Shop Now

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