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A blogger's passion for fashion, one day at a time.

Seems like a lifetime ago that the Daily Grommet team hosted a "b-lunch" for local bloggers, including Christine Koh of BostonMamas and mom and daughter team, Sharon and Jane McClelland from Mom Generations. Fast forward a year later and I had the pleasure to connect with the other member of Mom Generations trio, fashion blogger, Audrey McClelland. Turns out, she's using video to tell stories, just like us. Every day of the year (yes, that's 365 days) Audrey gives women all around the world fashion savvy advice. After chatting with Audrey, I'm convinced that she not only knows her stuff, but that she loves sharing her fashion stories just as much has we love sharing our Grommet stories with you.

Audrey, your story reflects that of so many women who choose to leave the corporate world behind in order settle down and raise a family. You worked at Donna Karan International in New York City for six years before returning to your roots in Rhode Island. Can you describe that transition? Was it easy to leave the fashion world behind?

It was easy in the sense that I truly wanted to be home with my sons, but it was tough in the sense that I loved and craved the fashion industry. I knew once I left Donna Karan that I absolutely wanted to keep working someway/somehow...and  I also knew fashion needed to be involved with what I was doing; I loved it too much to leave it behind.  So I feel I really have found the "perfect world" for myself through my fashion blog.

I started this blog for moms because I wanted to share (in the best way I could) easy, doable and practical fashion advice.  Because, at the end of the day, even though it's just clothing and beauty products - they have the potential to make us feel more beautiful and more confident... and that's an incredible thing!

Lately we've seen and heard you at fabulous events from the Red Carpet at the People’s Choice Awards to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show, has one event or experience stood out the most to you?

The People's Choice!  It really stood out because I got to meet and listen and learn from Tim Gunn.  He knows so much about style and shape and fit... he's truly an expert.  I was soaking up everything he was saying because he made it sound so easy and doable.  That's what I love about him, so it was a real treat to be able to sit on the panel with him and talk celebrity fashion.

In your own words, your job is "Finding trends that anyone can wear (especially moms)! ‘Cuz let’s face it – not all fashion trends are created equal." What do you predict that the next hot trends for moms and busy women will be this year?

I'm thinking we're going to see clothing that's a lot more "doable."  Last season we saw a ton of mini-skirts and huge shoulder pads and jumpsuits.  Most moms don't wear those types of clothing.  I love that the upcoming trends are more focused towards classic sophistication.  Cable knits, dark colors, chunky scarves, pleated skirts, and chunky over-sized sweater cardigans.  It's easy fashion... it's not something you have to think about, and I love that about it.

Now as a mom of 4 boys, do you find it a struggle to keep fashion a part of your daily routine? Do you have any suggestions for those women out there who feel they are just too busy to be fashion savvy?

I try to keep myself looking good, because then I feel good. If you're too busy to be fashion savvy - really find items that are easy and can work for you instantly.  A little black dress, black tops, a great pair of jeans, a comfortable pair of boots, a sweater wrap, etc.  You don't have to spend a lot of money or have a love of fashion to look good and feel good.

I loved chatting with Audrey! She's full of practical fashion advice (and as a busy working mom, I definitely appreciate that!), and even shared a couple fashion faux pas (think chipped nail polish at a big fashion show!). If you haven't already, tune in and watch Audrey as she vlogs another 365 days of fashion advice. We'll all be watching!


  • Victoria Says:

    Great interview!

  • Barbara Says:

    Audrey - thanks for your advice. I so often fall in the rut of the same old jeans or (worse yet) Old Navy yoga pants(!) and a sport bra and comfy shirt (usually topped with a fleece vest during cold New England months). I'm doubting I'm exactly a vision of loveliness in those dowdy duds.
    Love your advice about the little black dress or great wrap sweater. I've become a fan of casual shirt dresses, too -- they feel great but add a little more style to the day. I'm crazy about the mother-daughter-daughter trio of lovely Couto women, having met Jane and Sharon at the referenced "blunch" and blogHer a while back. Audrey, thrilled to know more about your vlog and look forward to following!

  • Audrey - Mom Generations Says:

    Tori -
    THANK YOU so much again for interviewing me! I love Daily Grommet and truly appreciate you taking the time to think of me and share my story!!

  • Tori Says:

    Audrey, it was my pleasure! Thanks you for sharing your story. Your passion for "do-able" fashion is inspiring--especially for those of us who might feel intimated to try the latest trends. We would love to have you back anytime!

  • Jeanne Says:

    Absolutely - so happy to host you here on Daily Grommet, Audrey. I'm sure you've got lots of great Grommet Ideas for us so hope you'll send them along!!

  • Monica Says:

    A great way to keep up with the fashion trends but also be comfortable enough to get through all of the activities of the day is wearing my favorite pair of sandals called Elma from CL by Laundry. They're casual, chic, and comfortable. You'll have to try them!

  • Tori Says:

    Monica, we'll have to check them out -- they sound great. Thanks for sharing!

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