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A camping we will go!

We all love our outdoor gear here at Daily Grommet. When a potential Grommet comes our way that requires us to get outdoors and test it, almost everyone is up for it. With diverse interests, there's almost no sport or outdoor activity that we can't cover. Wendy is a  bicyclist, Jeanne's family enjoys fishing, and Jules has the  snow ski adventures covered. Many of us (myself included) love to get in touch with the outdoors and go camping.

camping gear list - places


It seems many of us went camping this year and came back to the office with smiles, stories and photos of our favorite camping spots to share. Jen's favorite spot is Yosemite on the top of North Dome looking over at Half Dome (to the right of El Capitan).




camping gear list - Trek Light Gear

Kate shared her trip backpacking on Mt Greylock in the Berkshires (she reported lots of bugs!) and took a tent to Acadia in Maine, too. She always takes along Grommet find Trek Light Portable Hammock (looks comfy to me!).

Do you go camping? What is your favorite spot or thing about camping? The consensus here is 1. Stargazing and 2. S'mores. We'd love to know your vote!

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