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A charming town and a charming team

It's so easy to get caught up in your day-to-day work that you can easily forget to take a moment to look around and appreciate your surroundings and colleagues. Personally this is all to easy to miss out on, given that I work remote from my home office in California while most of the Daily Grommet team gathers every day in Lexington, MA at HQ. While we are very much in-touch throughout the day, I don't get to soak up the local environment (other than what is shared through our daily videos and behind the scenes photos) -- until last week that is.

My colleague Katherine and I (she works from her home office in Minnesota), traveled to worked in house from Lexington and finally met several of our colleagues in person for the first time! Our week was productive, exciting and a bit of a whirlwind. Here are a few photos.

Tori and Katherine

 Our ride for the week? Jules' 64' Rambler. She explains why she loves it here and you can see it in this Daily Grommet video. Katherine was a great driver.

I loved that on the end of the street from the offices there was a cake shop. I spent 3 years as a cake decorator during college and have a thing for buttercream. I'll have to pop in next time I'm in town.

During our weekly meetings, it's normal for the team to pile in and grab a spot where they can. However, normally Katherine and I are dialed in on a conference line and watching via video. It was a treat to be there "in the flesh" and we gladly grabbed a spot on the steps.

We also grabbed ourselves a debut in a Daily Grommet video. We knew this time was coming and I was honestly really nervous (after all they all seem so natural, don't they?). I quickly was at east with Jesse's great direction and filming  alongside Kate who is a pro.  Stay tuned for the video in a couple of weeks.

As for Lexington itself, it was completely charming. During lunch time I was able to grab some local fare at a nearby Italian deli and also took a "lap" at a local farmers' market where we grabbed some amazing tomatoes to snack on.

Did I mention we also took a team "field trip" to see Bruce Springsteen play at Fenway Park? Yeah, I was definitely able to take a moment to look around and appreciate my surroundings and colleagues. Looking forward to the next trip and exploring more of Boston!


  • Cindy C. Says:

    Very cool!! Can't wait to see your video. Did Katherine do one? And the funniest thing I noticed...the eggplant. We grow all of those varieties. :)

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Cindy! Of course Katherine did a video too :). Keep your eye out for it! And I had to snap a photo of the eggplant, the colors were just so stunning.

  • louis Says:

    Great, Can’t wait to see your video!!!

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