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A Custom Designed Grommet: From Idea to Finished Product


On Wednesday, May 28th, The Grommet launched OoO Tie, modern bow ties with quirky, unique designs. These ties were created by two friends in Boston who wanted to show off their intellectual sides while adding some flair and creativity to their sense of style.

Since these tie designs brought out the inventive side in our community, we decided to hold a fun contest where the founders asked what type of designs our supporters wanted to see created. Ideas ranged from nautical themes to fish and robots. It wasn't an easy decision, but the founders chose a winning design and have spent the last few months turning it into a real life bow tie. Angela Matusik, an archeologist from Orlando, Florida thought it would be cool to see petroglyphs on a bow tie and the founders loved the idea.

At The Grommet, we always tell the deeper story behind our products and today we're giving our community the chance to see how these funky bow ties go from design idea to wearable tie. We asked oOoTie founders, Matthew and Diego for a quick background on how they took this tie all the way to creation.

bowtie The finished tie!



We love taking design suggestions from our fans. After we decide on the initial pattern, we look at original art and color combinations to make a mock-up. We fiddle for a while at first, but eventually create something we're happy with. Creating a design pattern for a bow tie is different than if we were to make the design for other types of clothing. Everything needs to line up properly, especially when tied.

The next step is to refine the colors further and work with our fabric mill to create what we call a "strike off". This means they weave our original design into a small piece of the custom silk fabric. After we are happy with how it looks on the silk fabric, a larger quantity  is made so it can move to the "CMT" side of the house, which stands for:  Cut, Make, and Trim. The fabric is cut into shape using two pieces of fabric. The two pieces are sewn inside out with a piece of interfacing between them to give the tie its body. Next the ties are flipped inside out, the corners are poked out, and the tie is ready for the "trim".  Trim is where the tie gets its label, adjustable sizing hardware, and packaging.

We give it a final inspection, make any last minute changes and send it off to production for more ties to be made. A few weeks later, voila! We have  brand new OoOTie bow ties ready to order.

Thanks again, Angela for a wonderful design idea. We think they look great and hope you do as well. Enjoy your tie!

Cave drawings Bow tie by OoOtie Boston Bow ties


If you could give OoOTie a design suggestion for their next bow tie, what would it be? 


  • beautiful site I love it

  • Vicki Baker Says:

    I think a cool graphic design made of 1s and 0s for computer guys would be really cool. White on black, or the dreaded blue screen colors - white on blue - would be fun.

  • Kylie Cantwell Says:

    Hey Vicki, that's an awesome idea, especially in white-on-blue. Goes right along with stethoscopes for doctors, vials/conical flasks for industrial chemists, or something like stratified layers in rock colours for geologists! And perhaps musical notes, clefs, sharps and flats in red on black for operatic tenors!

    Love the site. Just discovered it and will be pinning lots, I think! It would be great to see direct shipping to Australia (or a distributor here), though.

  • Karyn Mazo-Calf Says:

    the product and the story behind its creation. Want to play and use it as a hair decoration for ladies.

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