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A Decade of Discovery: The Grommet Turns 10

It started, as innovation often does, with frustration. Sitting in the boardrooms of Stride Rite and Keds, Jules and Joanne grew discontent as new, unique products were swept aside in favor of iterations of last year's best sellers. They grew tired of watching small businesses play on an uneven playing field.

They decided to change it.

In the time since The Grommet — or rather Daily Grommet — launched in 2008, the landscape of product creation has aptly reinvented itself. Kickstarter became common vernacular, 3D printing is now accessible at libraries around the country. It's never been easier to bring a product to life.

Years ago we set a goal. By 2020, 10% of all products flowing through the U.S. would originate from small-scale businesses. Consumer purchases represent 65% of the American economy. What we buy is a powerful step in achieving that goal and changing how we discover, share, and ultimately, purchase products.

It's a tough goal to track. But 3,000+ products, 1,000 Ace Hardware displays, and 15,000 Main St. Retail partners nationwide goes a long way in evening the playing field.

This is how we got here. We still have a ways to go.



  • carol hilst Says:

    I have enjoyed all the things I have gotten from the Grommet kids too and helpful items I joined so I shop with peace of mind no shipping its GREAT
    thank you Carol

  • sandy Says:

    What is next Mike?

  • Agnes Says:

    Congratulations! You help the small guy....both ways.

  • Lynda Says:

    Love this site.

  • Ninah Says:

    I’m so glad you sent this! I’m thrilled to see mainstream items (Fitbit and Simplisafe) began with you. And now that I know you’re in ACE hardware stores, I’ll check out your display next time I drop off my used light bulbs.
    I live to invest in new inventions and I enjoy seeing what you offer. I send several of your items to friends who I know

  • Susan Says:

    I love The Grommet. I tell everyone I can. I have been with you from the beginning, or close to it. If I can’t figure out what gift to get someone, I always sign on to The Grommet. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Brighton, MI

  • Robert Says:

    I love your “store” and have purchased many products. I bought 12 “good luck bells” and gave them to our family members at Christmas.....they loved them and leave them where everyone can see them. Keep up the great idea.

  • media stooksbury Says:

    Looks like you're moving and shaking' over there!!

  • Joven San Pedro Says:

    I am a fan of your products. However, my problem is that I am here in the Philippines and I do not have the access to them. I am sure there are many people who, like me, are interested to purchase but are stymied by the shipping issue.
    I would like to know if you are open to the idea of authorizing a distributor/outlet for your products here.If you re, I would like to know how I can be the first in the Philippines. May I hear from you. Thank you very much.

  • Donna Says:

    Wonderful! I am a fan of your great company!!!! Good job!!

  • Janet Says:

    I do not think I have missed one day of reading. I have bought many products and have a list of new items to order

  • Ginger Young Says:

    One of these days I'll order something............lots of goodies I'd love to have &/or gift but being broke has it's challenges.
    Keep doing the wonderful job!
    Best regards,

  • Paula Says:

    Love Love Love You!

  • Sherri McClain Says:

    Congratulations on 10 years of making a difference in my life! And supporting small business' with products made (mostly) in the USA! Being a daughter of entrepreneurs on both sides of my family, I appreciate and respect small business and their creators for having the drive and dream to make their products come to fruition. I have to watch my budget, because there are more things that I want to purchase for myself, and for gifts for family and friends.
    I might consider the "membership" promotion in the future.
    Happy that I discover The Grommet! Thank you!

  • Danise Says:

    Congratulations on your 10 years of successes! I am so glad I found you. I love the products you offer. Checking on what’s new is part of my daily activities. I sincerely hope for your continued successes. The Grommet is a wonderful means for small businesses and their creations to be introduced to the masses. Keep up the great work. ?

  • moonvallymama Says:

    Keep up the great work,
    It is appreciated.

  • Jimmy Craig Says:

    I have a super letter opener that when any one tries it, they absolutely loves it. It looks like a good match for your company. How do I go about submitting my product to you? Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Jim Craig

  • Bev Says:

    Discovered The Grommet quite by accident but absolutely love the site. I really need to contain myself with my buying as there is so much I could get that would be helpful to a senior citizen. But I have also gotten some nice gifts for others. Keep up the good work and congrats on 10 years.

  • Ron Says:

    I look forward to the new ideas from Grommet. I'm one to find a task then ideas of how to make it easier or improved in some way. Later on I find that my idea has found its way into stores. Ex. To spray weeds in my wife's flower beds she was worried that I'd spray her flowers. So I adapted a small plastic butter tub by drilling a hole in the bottom, removing the sprayer nozzle and sliding the butter tub on and replacing the nozzle. Now I cover the weed and the spray is controlled.
    I also bought an air compressor and its hose reel that mounts on a wall nearby. I mounted it on the handle so wherever I take the compressor the hose reel is right there too. I told the clerk in the store where I'd purchased it what I'd done. About a year later the store had the idea on the sales floor.
    I owe this knack to my grandparents, they showed me to take what you have and build what you want or need.
    Thanks, Ron

  • Mike Says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words, everyone. We don't get to 10 years without the support and enthusiasm you show every day.

    We're excited for what's next...another 10 years. :)

  • Patricia Moniak Says:

    Waiting for my first purchase with much anticipation!

  • Cher Says:

    I can't remember how I stumbled upon your site but I have been a fan ever since. The Grommet is the best place to find those unique gifts and at the same time feel good about your purchase because you know you are supporting someones dream, passion, invention. So thank you for 10 years of fabulous and looking forward to many more. I will continue to share the site with my friends and family!

  • Mike Says:

    Thank YOU, Cher. That is what we aspire to every day and we're so glad to see that brings you back time and again.

  • Wanda says, Says:

    I had never heard of you before a
    couple of weeks ago, I just happened to "discover" you while rambling thru my emails! Oh boy, am I ever glad that I did! I love so many of the different things you have. In fact, I have already ordered a couple of things for Christmas gifts and I can hardly wait for Christmas to get here to give the gifts to the people I ordered them for because I know they are going to love, love, love them. I check every day to see what new items you have. Please keep up the good work. It's wonderful the way you are helping others. God bless you.

  • Mike Says:

    We're so glad to have you, Wanda! We appreciate the support and definitely want to hear about the reactions from those gift recipients. :)

  • Neil Says:

    Best website to see how people are changing how we do things! I am s frequent buyer as it is nice to try new items, it’s also important to help the small business community.
    Great job to The Grommet for bringing these entrepreneurs to us!

  • Caralen Holley Says:

    Happy Birthday and thank you. I will be ordering a few things for myself and my family and friends for Christmas.


    Happy 10 Year Anniversary to one of my favorite sites. Can always find unique items for myself or as gifts. Here's to many more years of business.

  • Joy Says:

    I think I’ve been with you since Shark Tank? I love and buy as often as I can. Great job Grommet Guys (and Girls).

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks for all of the birthday love, everybody!

  • Cynthia Says:

    I love this website. Every week I look forward to your new listings. Everything that I have bought so far has been great. Keep up the great work and Happy Anniversery to all of you at this wonderful site, The Grommet.

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