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A Gift Guide for the Fitness Guru

Got a fitness guru to buy for this holiday season? Let this guide help you find the perfect gift.


A common hurdle when preparing for exercise? What to do with your keys, phone, or wallet. WOLACO solves the problem. Their men’s compression shorts are made with snug, integral pockets that keep your items safe, sweat-free, and secure. No more holding your phone or tucking your house key into your sock.


Ladies, we know you face that same exercise storage dilemma so we give you BANDIwear, adjustable pocketed belts that hold everything you need on a jog or trip to town. The soft spandex adapts easily to a perfect fit that’s comfortable, too. It’s a slimmer, non-embarrassing version of the fanny pack.


There’s no greater momentum kill when running than an untied shoelace. Well, except tripping and falling. We can’t help with that, but as for the shoelaces, SnapLaces have it covered. They’re an easy clip system that replace shoelaces and keep shoes tight with tension. It’s like a tiny bungee cord, making it perfect for athletic activity.


A wedding ring symbolizes love but makes a terrible fitness accessory. It’s uncomfortable and actually dangerous because if it gets stuck on something, there’s no give. (Just ask Jimmy Fallon, but please, do not Google Jimmy Fallon’s history with his wedding ring unless you’ve got a seriously high tolerance for near-severed digits). Groove is a breathable silicone ring that lets the gym know you’re taken while keeping up with your active lifestyle. It won’t scratch, dent, or hurt you, and really, what else can you ask of a wedding band?


Keep yourself hydrated using a water bottle that folds flat and helps save the planet. That’s the convenience and innovation of the reusable, collapsible Hydaway water bottle. Leak-proof and dishwasher safe with a clip that makes it easy to carry, Hydaway is perfect for everywhere from the gym to the side of a mountain.


Don’t let cold temperatures or the dark keep you from getting a walk or run in. X-Cap is a one-size-fits most knit hat that illuminates the path in front of you. It’s got a built-in, rechargeable LED that lights your way and is bright enough for others to see you. When it’s time to clean it (workout hats get sweaty), just pop out the light and toss it in the washer.


BungyPump isn’t your average walking stick. This pair of fitness poles turns even the most leisurely stroll into a full-body workout. The built-in suspension provides smooth resistance varying from eight to 13 pounds and activates 90% of your muscles while burning 77% more calories than regular old walking. The poles are height adjustable and have even been found to help with ailing back problems.


Jump roping works your heart, legs, and core—and burns a ton of calories. But it’s a pain to track all the data you need to truly improve. Tangram Factory knew that, which is why they created the smart jump rope. The specially designed handles track your activity and feed them to the accompanying app via Bluetooth. The rope even counts your jumps and shows them to you in real-time with an LED display in mid-air right before your very eyes.


Golf is good exercise even if you’re driving a cart. It especially gets the heart rate up when your performance on the links is lacking whether it’s taking that sixth shot or fighting through shrubbery to find your sliced shot. Get all the data about how you’re playing from Arccos’ GPS stat tracking system.. From distance and direction of each stroke to club usage and success, you’ll feel good and your handicap will look even better.


Paddleboarding is a full-body workout and, thanks to Hammerhead, this exercise no longer needs water. It’s a giant skateboard/paddleboard hybrid whose design eases wheel bite and minimizes falls. The adjustable paddle has a spherical rubber end, which helps with braking and steering. Burn, burn, burn calories gently down the street.


As much as we don’t want to admit it, we are mortal humans who experience knots and tightness after exercise. Back Nodger lends a helping hand post-workout. This self-back massager is shaped like a thumb to relieve muscle tension, release knots, and get back on the training grind in no time.


Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t have to be an excuse for staying still. Cubii, the under-desk elliptical, keeps you moving even while you’re staring at that laptop screen. Its design is minimal; it barely emits a noise, and the companion app tracks your progress from calories burned to steps taken. It’s perfect for the person who won’t let a workday prohibit a work out.


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