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A good video doesn't just sell, it compells

A great product video not only educates - it also entertains and inspires. Convincing people that a product is right for them is usually done in a heavy-handed, "but wait - there's more!" way, an approach I think people tune out almost immediately. There's something about being pushed to purchase that turns people off, no matter how brilliant or innovative a product happens to be.

At Daily Grommet, our approach is a bit more homespun - and, I hope, a bit more human. As Video Director, I prompt people to talk to the camera the way they would to a new acquaintance at a dinner party. If the audience isn't interested in the content, they can always turn it off - or find something else more to their liking. But if they are interested, we want to provide them with something worth their time that feels casual and authentic.

The technical side of the production follows a similar train of thought - it's too easy to get hung up on the quality of the production and forget about the quality of the content. I'm not saying production values don't matter, or that conventional product videos are not effective; we just believe in telling a good story in an honest way, and letting our customers make up their own minds.

We hope that you enjoy our videos, we're working hard and cranking out one a day. Do you have a favorite Grommet video? I'd love to hear, please leave me a comment below!

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