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A Grommet with human-powered delivery

Earth Day makes us think of planting trees and of pausing for a moment to think about how we can mitigate our impact on the planet. It also makes us reflect on our Grommets. We have an entire Green & Eco-Living section and today we’re excited to add dsolv to our collection. But did you know that there are other Grommets throughout our website that are thoroughly green and very earth-friendly?

Taza Chocolate, one of only a handful of bean-to-bar chocolate producers in the United States, stands out as a delicious example. We feel good when we enjoy Taza’s chocolate because we know the company has built sustainability into its business model in a very thoughtful way. Taza’s commitment to minimizing its carbon footprint goes well beyond bio-dynamic growing methods and certified organic ingredients.

Taza uses energy-efficient equipment in a smart way, and the company chooses to lease a printer to print only what’s truly needed. Employees use recycled packaging and recycle everything possible during the production process. We love the fact that the Mexicano discs used to make hot chocolate are all hand-wrapped, and we also love being able to compost the wrappers!

Did you know that Taza’s employees load up their chocolate and bicycle to local farmers markets? The company also offers bicycle delivery to local retail customers, and it partners with a bicycle delivery company to deliver larger orders to wholesale customers. For orders beyond bicycle and pick-up range, Taza uses Carbon Neutral Shipping from UPS.

You can read more about Taza’s remarkable sustainability strategy here.

We’d love to hear how you’re celebrating Earth Day!

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