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A Light In The Darkness

By Angella

GoMotionAnyone who knows me knows that I am an exercise aficionado. I am one of those rare creatures that actually likes to exercise. I spent the first twenty-five years of my life as a "big girl" whose only form of exercise was walking to the kitchen to grab a pop and a bag of chips. I turned that all around when I got tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I went to a dietitian to learn healthier ways to eat and started to incorporate exercise into my life. Once I started, I couldn't stop. I love cardio above all else and love to push my body to its limits.

My exercise patterns were a little hit and miss (mostly miss) when I was in the trenches of being a Mom to babies and preschoolers. I had three kids in less than four years; I had neither the time nor the energy to get up and go. It's been nearly two years since I got back into the groove of regular exercise. I feel better, I am stronger and I have muscles where I have never thought I could. I spend three nights a week at a Boot Camp and work out the other days of the week using exercise DVD's or getting outside to bike or walk.

I used to be an avid runner but my knees can no longer take the impact. I find that a brisk power walk is just as effective, exercise-wise, and it lets me get outside (and away from the chaos that is my life). The problem for me in that regard is that I live in a rural neighborhood that doesn't have any kind of street lights. Winter is fast approaching, which means that before I know it my daylight hours will be between the hours of nine to three. My exercise times are either bright and early (6:00 AM) or the evenings (after supper). Going outside in the pitch dark is a little scary and unsafe, in my humble opinion.

When I got to do the write-up for the GoMotion Lite Belt I saw an answer to my problem. I could strap it on and power walk down the road. I could see what was ahead of me and vehicles sharing the road could see me. This is the perfect solution not only for me, but also for my neighbors who (I'm pretty sure) do not want to run me down.


Buy GoMotion lights for running and jogging here.


  • ashleystone Says:

    Excellent tool! And so much snazier than the alternative orange and yellow flaggers vest. Or if you're a certain mother I know (ahem, Mom) the reflecters for your dog on your ankles and wrists....sooo sexy!

    That just might wind up being a birthday gift :)

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