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A passion for delicious photos

If you are a regular reader here, it comes to no surprise that we love food. From scouting cool places to eat, to sharing our favorite food blogs, and even challenging our own readers to come up with unique (mini!) recipes -- if it's tasty, we're interested! During our love affair with great foodie resources, we've been following an up-and-coming food blogger Lisa Thiele. Her blog, With Style and Grace is equal parts delicious food and delicious food photography. She was gracious enough to do a little Q&A with us, and we would love to help tell her story.

Note - Lisa realized this is her first interview and found it to be a great exercise to articulate her story and journey so far. We are honored to be sharing her first interview with you. We have no doubt, there will be many more in Lisa's future.

I am not sure which is more captivating, your recipes or your photography. Which came first, your love for food or photos?
food blogs

Mushroom & Walnut Quinoa + Fried Egg (recipe and photo by Lisa Thiele)

When I quit my job, I decided to start cooking since it was the one thing I knew and loved to do. I then needed a way to share my recipes on my blog, With Style and Grace so my mom loaned me her camera and well, the rest is history. That was in August 2010.

How did you learn to cook so well? What about your food photography, how did you get started?

I can't help but laugh. I grew up watching my parents cook and reading food magazines & cookbooks and then watching the Food Channel while I worked or studied. See, I'm a perfectionist and since I didn't have experience (i.e. confidence) in the kitchen, I had just assumed I would fail. Note: don't be like me. It wasn't until the end of college that I really got into cooking and now I go to bed dreaming of what I'm going to make next.

Food photography is all self taught and started so I could share my recipes and inspire others in some form or another.

What has been most exciting so far in your blogging, foodie, and photography journey?

For the blog - Every day is exciting for me. I truly love my blog. Receiving comments from followers who tried and loved my recipes, emails from people wanting to work with me and then seeing my work on other blogs or sites. It's allowed me to connect with the most incredible people and to really inspire grace and beauty in other people's lives.

For the foodie - I recently joined the Gluten-free Ratio Rally, started by Gluten-free Girl, which is a group of us set out to test gluten-free baked goods based off a ratio. For the first time, I created my very own gluten-free recipe, for baking. It felt amazing and now I have the confidence (& desire) to continue creating my own recipes.

With Style Grace - food blogs

Lisa juggling cameras while attending a styling and food photography camp

For the Photographer - It's honestly exciting any time someone says they're inspired by my photography or that they want to hire me. However, the most exciting was when my local (yet, famous) bakery hired me as a photographer - I mean shooting beautiful cupcakes and cakes, talk about a dream!

What has been most challenging?

Trusting myself and not being fearful of the unknown. If someone were to ask me what I would be doing a year ago from now, I would have starred at them, wondering the same thing. Not knowing what's ahead and whether we'll be able to pay our bills has been very challenging, but rather than reacting from fear, I have to just trust my heart that it's leading me in the right direction.

What's in the future? Any exciting plans or dreams?

I dream of becoming a food photographer and having my blog be a place where people come for inspiration. I'm currently working on a cookbook with my mom, who's an incredible cook! Overall, I aim to inspire grace and beauty whether that's working as a photographer, creating/sharing recipes, planning/hosting events, or bringing people together.

What three blogs do you read daily?

Just three?? I think this might be the hardest question, yet!

1. Joy the Baker

2. Creature Comforts

3. Cannelle et Vanille

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story with us! We look forward to drooling over reading more of With Style and Grace!

For those of you new to Lisa's work -- check out the delicious creations she made after we sent her a Babycakes Whoopie Pie Maker to test. These gluten-free strawberry cakes and these vanilla whoopie pies almost look to good to eat.


  • Amanda Says:

    Lisa is a star! She is making the world a more beautiful place with her...wait for it... Style and Grace! ;)

    Thanks for showcasing such a beautiful soul!

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