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A St. Patrick's Day gift

Irish Countryside

Irish Countryside

Our St. Patrick's Day Grommet is Mary Pat Kelly's new book, Galway Bay-- a delicious story of the Irish American experience and an epic novel in every way.  Mary Pat, an author, documentary filmmaker and screenwriter, who has served stints as a producer at Good Morning America and Saturday Night Live (we're not sure there's anything really cool she hasn't done), penned Galway Bay after  researching the life of her great, great grandmother, Honora Kelly. She’ll actually be answering questions on our site to celebrate St. Patty’s Day – very cool!

I met Mary Pat a few weeks ago, when I entered our office to the sounds of a party.  Laughter, appreciative screams of delight and animated conversation met me as I walked into a space simply alive with energy, warmth, and a huge dose of goodwill. One of our Discovery team members had read Galway Bay, called Mary Pat's publicist, and within hours (seriously, less than a day) Mary Pat was in our office to shoot the video for our feature.  She just happened to be in Boston for a series of readings -- the luck of the Irish smiled on us for sure that day.

Mary Pat made us all feel like long-lost friends.  She regaled us with stories of old boyfriends and the Irish peace process. She was good-natured about the fact that Joanne had to film the video with our Flip since our video team was unavailable on such short notice. We chuckled over her friend, Frank McCourt's, glowing review of Galway Bay ("As they say in Ireland, 'Take your ease with this book.' You'll need time for laughter and tears and pure magic.")  She signed copies of her book (you can win one on our site today, look for my comment) and entertained us as she spoke about tracking down Honora’s stories.

When she left, we missed her.  I sort of wished I was Irish.  But today we'll relive the fun of her visit -- and we get to introduce her to all of our visitors, which is what we love to do.

Mary Pat's work is a gift to everyone this St. Patrick's Day, Irish or not.  Have a fun day!  And don't get pinched.

Buy Mary Pat Kelly's Galway Bay here.




  • Laura Manning Says:

    Galway Bay is such a heart warming story, it left me wanting to read about the next generation of Kelly's, each and every one of them. Even if I wasn't Irish, I would enjoy reading about this particular journey from Ireland to America. Mary Pat left nothing out, her descriptions had me visualizing each moment as they happened. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great story, especially my Irish friends.

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