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A Traveler’s Gift Guide

Maybe you know a backpacker, road warrior or frequent flyer. If you do, these gifts will assist them on any adventure.


The worst part of traveling? Packing. It never stays as organized as you hope. Jonathan Teplitsky solved the problem with travel organizer PACK Gear— it’s like a miniature dresser in your luggage or backpack. With two hooks to hang it up and four mesh compartments to fit all your stuff, packing and unpacking your bag is no longer a problem.


Ever looked at your sleeping bag and thought, “if only I could use this as a suitcase.” No? Well, Rolo thought of it and it’s a great innovation. This roll-up travel bag compresses four days’ worth of clothes and toiletries into an easy-to-carry pack. Equipped with hooks to hang it up and reinforced with military grade mesh and tough nylon, Rolo is perfect for any trip where you don’t want to worry about packing. (So, all of them.)


Toiletries are notorious for staying behind in hotel bathrooms. Everything ORGO adapts to whatever you’re toting—makeup, jewelry, shampoos, etc.—with customizable, removable inserts, zipper pockets, and elastic grips. And its sides slide out, covering the sink (no more contact lenses or anything else dropped down the drain) and giving you extra counter space to get all your primping and prepping done.


Combining pragmatism and sophistication are the cosmetic and jewelry travel cases from Boulevard. The Zoe secures your jewelry with mesh flaps for earrings, a ring holder, and a velvet pillow for necklaces and watches. The Megan carries makeup with a strategic layout that won’t leave you digging for a certain brush. And the Delilah separates toiletries and cosmetics with detachable, transparent pouches and has a hook to hang it up. Hooks are in this year, folks.


If you’re not interested in zippered pouches and removable pockets, Lay-n-Go simplifies cosmetic carrying with a drawstring case. Undo it and you have a clean mat to spread out your cosmetics. The raised edge keeps everything contained, the zippered pocket holds jewelry, and the washer-safe, water-repellent liner makes it easy to clean. When you’re done, just cinch it closed.


Now you can be a global superpower. With OneAdaptr, you’ll be able to plug in and power up in over 150 countries. A simple twist of the wrist reveals the different adapters and, with the two USB ports and universal AC outlet, you can charge three devices at once. Get the TWIST Plus with Macbook charging port and you can charge four.


If you’ve ever rummaged through your bag looking for something at the airport, SOI is for you. The world’s first automatic bag light uses detection technology to recognize when a hand is nearby and turns on to help find what you need. It then shuts off after your hand has been gone for a few seconds. Energy efficient with 3,000 uses before you need to change the batteries, SOI is sustainably made and, at 1.5 ounces, easy to transfer from a purse to a bag, backpack, or briefcase.


The slipper-shoe hybrids from FitKicks make for TSA-friendly travel footwear. The ergonomic design conforms to your foot for maximum comfort, the flexible soles allow for a full range of motion, and the stretchy spandex makes slipping them on and off simple. Take them on a walk, to the gym or beach, and on the plane.


Speaking of airline comfort, we’re all in agreement the middle seat completely lacks it. And when you want some sleep, there’s nowhere to rest your head. That’s why Trtl created their neck support travel pillow. Lightweight with flexible internal ribs, Trtl supports your head from under your chin for a natural, ergonomic, and, most importantly, comfortable place to rest that isn’t a stranger’s shoulder.


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  • Susie Says:

    WOW!!! Every time I visit this website, I am amazed at the products available--it honestly, is hard to believe it's REAL!!
    I was a bit skeptical about the price these products sale for--again, I am amazed!!
    I have been away from the website for some time, due to many things--but I am back now and will not miss out on this website and its amazing products and prices.
    I LOVE THE GROMMET and will certainly spread the word about it so others can get the best products and manageable prices!

  • Mike Says:

    WOW! Thanks so much, Suzie, we really appreciate the support. We hope you find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list this year.

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