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A week of award-winning IDEAs

All this week, Daily Grommet will celebrate some of the most intriguing winners of the 2010 Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) IDEA Design Awards. This is one of the best known design competitions and attracted nearly 2,000 entries from around the world this year. In partnership with Fast Company magazine, the ISDA announced its winners last spring -- and now Daily Grommet has selected five compelling and exciting discoveries and is telling their stories and selling the products on our website.

“For 30 years, IDSA’s IDEA program has focused on honoring quality of design and recognizing up-and-coming innovators by promoting to the business media,” said IDSA’s Chief Executive Clive Roux.  “Having our 2010 winners further promoted on Daily Grommet with the ability to tell their stories to a wide consumer audience is a wonderful opportunity, especially given that Daily Grommet selects products for their features based on invention, utility and design.”

In all, 31 applicants were awarded the Gold award, 47 received Silver, and 72 won Bronze. As always, they were judged by a high-caliber jury-- this year the jury was led by Andrew Hartman, the design director at Philips Design, and also included Ken Musgrave, Dell's design director and Fast Company blogger.

Starting today, September 13 and straight through September 17, Daily Grommet will introduce 5 of the 150 IDEA winners we feel best represent design, function, and value, and will most appeal to our audience. We selected a cross-section of products in a variety of categories and from among all of the Gold, Sliver and Bronze winners.

Our choices ...

  • represent a twist on traditional design
  • celebrate large and small design houses and businesses of all sizes
  • look great, but are equally useful and innovative
  • were just right for the Daily Grommet audience

Each day, we'll post a link to the Daily Grommet IDEA award-winning feature here, so be sure to stop back and tell us what you think.

Monday: Smash Can

Tuesday: PACT

Wednesday: LaCie iamaKey

Thursday:  JimmyJane

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